Sarah's Bookshelf

19th Century American West

The World of "Hope Springs"
My Dearest Love (A Hope Springs Novella)
Longing for Home
Longing for Home, Book 2: Hope Springs
Love Remains

Stand-alone Westerns
The Sheriffs of Savage Wells

Regency-era England

The Lancaster Family
Seeking Persephone
Courting Miss Lancaster
Romancing Daphne

The Jonquil Family
The Kiss of a Stranger
Friends and Foes
Drops of Gold
As You Are
A Fine Gentleman
For Love or Honor

Stand-Alone Novels
Glimmer of Hope
An Unlikely Match
For Elise

Victorian England

Ashes on the Moor... coming March 2018

Timeless Romance Anthologies

Winter Collection
Spring Vacation
Summer Wedding
Autumn Collection
European Collection
Love Letters Collection
Old West Collection
Summer in New York
Silver Bells
All Regency
California Dreaming
All Hallows Eve
The Sarah M Eden "British Isles" Collection
Under the Mistletoe
Mail-order Bride
Road Trip
Blind Date
Valentine's Day
Happily Ever After Collection

Timeless Collections

Summer House Party (Timeless Regency Collection)
Summer Holiday (Timeless Victorian Collection)

Note regarding Sarah's out-of-print titles: All out-of-print books (except for A Fine Gentleman) have already been rereleased. The following works were rereleased under a title other than the original:
  • The Ramshackle Knight released as The Kiss of a Stranger
  • Affectations released as Friends and Foes
  • The Price Paid released as An Unlikely Match
  • Through All Hopes released as Glimmer of Hope
Seeking Persephone, Drops of Gold, As You Are, A Fine Gentleman, and For Elise were all re-released under their original titles.


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