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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We Have a Winner

We have a winner of yesterday's giveaway!!
Korbie Fowers!!
Korbie, send me a message either via this website or my FB page & I'll get you your prize ASAP!
Thank you to everyone who participated & for your continued words of kindness and encouragement. They mean so, so much to me!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

a Thank You giveaway

I heard through "unofficial" but reliable channels today that "As You Are" and "For Elise" were their publisher's top sellers in 2014. AND "Hope Springs" was its publisher's top seller last year as well.
Wow, guys! Thank you all so, so much for continuing to support me and my books. I really am touched and moved and humbled by your continued willingness to take this journey with me.

I wish I had something bigger to offer you, but I am going to do a "You Guys are the Best" giveaway here (and on my facebook page) as my insufficient way of giving back.

What: I'll give away a copy of the winner's choice of any one of my books.
When: Now through tomorrow (2/25/15) at noon MST.
How to enter: Leave a comment here and/or on the corresponding post on my website answering the question: ***Which Sarah M Eden character do you most relate to?*** [winner will be chosen at random from amongst all commenters in both locations] International entries accepted!

Thanks again, everyone!

Monday, February 9, 2015

A Plea for Help

Five years ago, I was invited to join a critique group (this is a group of writers who meet regularly to offer feedback on each other’s writing, support each other’s endeavors, etc).The group already consisted of six incredibly talented, successful, generous, amazing authors, and I was honored to have been allowed to join them. Among that group was LuAnn Staheli, a woman who, along with the other members of this impressive group, would become one of my dearest friends in all the world.
LuAnn and I sharing a table at a book signing

LuAnn is one of those people who touches every life she is part of. She has been an educator for 35 years, bringing a love of reading, writing, and learning to thousands of students. She has raised amazing boys, who are taking out into the world all they have learned from her about service and kindness. She has mentored and supported the writing community for decades, tirelessly giving of her time, expertise, and encouragement to us all.

In short, LuAnn is an amazing and generous person.

Only a few short months ago, LuAnn was diagnosed with cancer. Her health rapidly deteriorated. As is so often the case, the medical bills associated with her treatment are enormous. Her good husband has been unable to return to work due to her need for around-the-clock care and their youngest son’s need for a parent in the home. At a time when the burden of worry is already great, the weight of financial hardship has only added to the family’s concerns.

Our writing group is reaching out to the community and asking for help for this amazing family and for our dear, wonderful friend who has given so much to so many people. We are raising money to help them cover the costs of her care. The fundraiser, as well as more information about this incredible woman, can be found here:

I realize most of you don’t know LuAnn and don’t really understand how incredibly deserving she is of all the help we can possibly give her. I wish I had words adequate to describe the person she is, but even as someone whose profession is words, I find myself unable to express it. She has, through her support and selfless assistance, made me a better writer. Her friendship has made me a better person.

So I have thought and thought over the last few days about what I could do to help her family and to help insure that this fundraiser brings them as much relief as possible, and I’ve decided on an incentive I hope will prove a good one.

A couple of months ago I asked readers: “If you could choose any two couples from amongst those in my books to be tossed together for a week-long house party and could then read all about it, which couples would you pick?” The response was overwhelmingly: Adam & Persephone (from Seeking Persephone and Courting Miss Lancaster) with Philip & Sorrel (from Friends & Foes, Drops of Gold, and As You Are).

I loved the idea and thought how fun it would be to write that… eventually. My schedule is swamped and my own health isn’t great, so sitting down and doing it any time soon wasn’t in the cards.

Well, here’s the deal I’ll make with all of you: If 300 of you will donate any amount to the fundraiser, even if it’s only a few dollars, I will write that story. I will write it and make it available as a free download. It’ll mean juggling a lot of things, it’ll probably mean a lot of late nights and long hours, but it would be worth it to help my friend and her family.

I know 300 probably seems like a lot, but I believe we can do it. I’ve set up a survey (found here: where you can report that you donated. No need to give your name. No need to report an amount, please just give what you are able and then let me know that you did.

Once we reach 300, I’ll get to work on Adam, Persephone, Philip, and Sorrel’s story. If we blow that number out of the water, I’ll think of some kind of bonus prize to throw in. But the goal is 300. 300 people helping one of the most amazing women I’ve ever known.

Please spread the word. Please help in any way you can.

[Update: In the few short hours since I wrote this post, LuAnn passed away. My emotions are too raw at the moment to speak further about this, but, n
eedless to say, I am heartbroken. Her suffering has ended, but her family's need remains. Please help if you can.]