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ADDED 3/2015: I have been asked a lot recently about A Fine Gentleman, so I thought I'd answer here in the hope of getting info out to people faster. I absolutely am planning to rerelease this book (as well as release books about all of the remaining Jonquil brothers). I don't have a release date yet, but I am working really, really hard to get everything worked out on the business side of things and hope to have (re)release information very soon!

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Sue Lakis said...

I have just found you as an author and have quickly read three books in a row. I wanted to tell you how wonderful are your stories and how I appreciate being able to read such fine books.
Now I see you are not well and I want to wish you well and the very best of wishes.

julie brewer said...

Hi Sarah,
I felt compelled to email you. I have chrnic pain from fibromyalgia and back surgery and miagraine headaches. I have 2 part time jobs, because, quite frankly, some days that is the only reason I get out of bed. I am so so sorry that you have RA It is so difficult to deal with on a daily basis and you are such a gifted writer. I absolutely love your books and the minute another one comes out I have to go buy it! I don't even want to reserve it at the library because then I would have to wait to read it. Hang in there! It will get better. They are discovering new things every day to help you. They will eventually get it right. For those days that are overwhelming just remember your are loved as a woman and a writer.

Julie Brewer in Virginia

Unknown said...

Hi Sarah. I just wanted you to know how much I love reading your books! Thank for the great clean romances that you have written, that we can be such wonderful friends with your characters. Well wishes with your RA and you'r shots. You are in my prayers.

Sarah Capps, Layton, Utah

Madison Myers said...

I absolutely love your books! They are so well written and captivating! Will there be another book about Persephone and Adam?

Avery Lloyd said...

I've finished all of your books and am anxiously awaiting more. I can really connect with your characters and truly wish that reality could be that blissful. What do you suggest on writing from a male characters point of view, I could use a little help.

Petersons said...

Tried to send an email but those capatchas are not working for me! So here it is:
I am a big fan of your books. So glad you are pressing on despite RA. I know you probably get get lots of health advice you don't want but I came across an article I felt I had to share.
I'm also enjoying the short stories you do with other authors.

Teya Peck said...

Awesome! It will be well worth the wait!

Larry Stevens said...

I have read these past few years all your books except one. And now i just reread them all in a row in a few weeks. I love the Jonquille family books. They are my favorite. But I also enjoyed reading your other books set in Great Britain. I hope you keep finding ideas of books set in the British Isles. Keep writing and I will keep reading. Thank you for writing clean love stories.

Janine Britt said...

I love your books! The Jonquil brothers series is great fun in that the reader keeps encountering familiar and beloved characters. I'm eagerly awaiting the opportunity to read "A Fine Gentleman" so I can complete the series. I believe my favorite of your books is "Finding Persephone." I read it aloud to my husband, and he loved it too! Thank you for sharing your writing talent!

Nicole Hutcheson said...

So excited that you have new novels coming this year! I just found out I have breast cancer and will have to do 5 months of chemo. Can't tell you what a welcome distraction your books will be!!! Thank you so much for doing what you do!


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