Frequently Asked Questions

I receive a lot of emails asking some of the same questions. Don't get me wrong--I love hearing from readers and it doesn't annoy me to get questions. Promise!--I just thought I'd round up a few of those questions and answer them here to make things easier for you!


Amazon lists your out of print books, but for like $500. Are they worth $500?
  • No.
Are any of your out-of-print books going to be re-released?
  • Most of them already have been. For the full list as well as the most up-to-date info on future releases, check the "Bookshelf" icon!
  • ADDED BECAUSE THIS IS A VERY FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION:  I absolutely am planning to rerelease A Fine Gentleman (as well as release books about all of the remaining Jonquil brothers). I don't have a release date yet, but I am working really, really hard to get everything worked out on the business side of things and hope to have (re)release information very soon!
Is Persephone in Courting Miss Lancaster the Persephone that Seeking Persephone is about?
  • Yup!
How is the name Persephone pronounced?
  • per-SEH-fÉ™-nee
Is there any particular order I'm supposed to read your books in?
  • The Longing for Home books should be read in order; they are a true series. Longing for Home, then Longing for Home: Hope Springs
  • All the others are written to stand on their own. However, the Lancaster Family books and the Jonquil Family books do have a chronological order that some people would prefer to read in:
    • Lancaster Family: Seeking Persephone, then Courting Miss Lancaster
    • Jonquil Family: The Kiss of a Stranger (while not technically a Jonquil book, this is the book that introduces the family); Friends and Foes; Drops of Gold; then As You Are
I emailed you a while back and you didn't respond. Are you mad/offended/ignoring me/think I'm a dork/afraid I am stalking you?
  • Let me tell what most likely happened. I got your email. I read it. I probably really enjoyed it. And then something crazy happened. I respond to the vast majority of my messages, but every once in a while something falls through the cracks. If that "something" was your email, I am really sorry! Please know it wasn't intentional!


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