Thursday, January 7, 2016

Coming Fall 2016

I've been dying to tell everyone about this, and I just got the green light!


From Shadow Mountain Publishing's "Proper Romance" Line,
a new historical romance from Sarah M. Eden! 


A battle-weary lawman arrives to take the job of sheriff in a quirky Wyoming town only to find himself locked in a battle of skills and wills with the current sheriff, who isn’t giving up her job without a fight.

((I think everyone's going to love this one. It was such a blast to write. The heroine is feisty and determined and funny, and the hero is just the right amount of gruff and go-get-'em to be pretty incredibly swoon-worthy. It's gonna be great!))


Morgan Brinkerhoff said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited Sarah! Congrats! I just got your British Isles collection. Now I'll be counting the days until fall. It sounds like it will be a blast to read like everything else of yours. I read your books out loud to my mom and my dad will listen in too. It's afun activity for my family. My sister has read them on her own but she always joins. Can't wait for your new book��

Wendy Pulsipher said...

I have been anxiously awaiting a new novel by you!!! My mother, sisters, and daughters are ALL big fans of yours!!!!

Rachel said...

SO ready for the new book!!!

Miss Rhonda said...

I've read all your books and anticipate this new arrival like a mom waiting for her babe to be born. Can't wait!

Jewel said...

EEEEK!!! I can't wait!!!

Jenny Free said...

I can't wait. I have been craving more of your words, so I grabbed my entire set of your novels and began to read each one for the second time. I have to confess that I still smiled, sighed, and even laughed out loud again and Glimmer of Hope made me weep again as I finished it alone in my car in the driveway. Thank you. Can't wait for Fall to be fed again.


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