Saturday, September 26, 2015

Upcoming Events & Giveaways!

Are you a fan of not-available-for-purchase tote bags that are absolutely adorable? Well, I have a brand new tote bag design, not currently available in the swag shop, and I think it is my favorite one of them all! Seriously. It's fabulous.
Now, the really fun part... I have four events coming up in October:

*The Mysteries of Cove launch part in Orem, UT on October 1st

*A book signing in Kansas City, KS on October 9th

*A panel discussion and book signing in Las Vegas, NV on October 17th

*A murder-mystery theater dinner & signing in American Fork, UT on October 20th

I will be doing a giveaway of these never-before-seen tote bags at each of these events! Here's how it will work:

  • Come find me.
  • Chat.
  • The first one to say the secret word (which will be written down and laid face-down on my signing table) will win the tote bag. [And, on the off chance that no one says it, I will have everyone put their name on a slip of paper and I'll do a drawing afterward.]
AND... I will be bringing along mini-posters of the super cute design from the tote bag that I will give to *everyone* who comes by. It's printed on stiff, durable paper and is also the perfect size for a small frame. Seriously, guys, it's super cute and would look fabulous on a bookshelf or a little end table. (Have you noticed I'm kind of in love with this design??)
AND AND... For those of you who can't come to these events or don't win at them, I will give away a super duper new tote bag online at the end of October.
So, thank you again and again for you continued support and kindnesses to me. I hope to see many of you next month!


Donna K. Weaver said...

So excited for Jeff and this launch. That Murder Mystery dinner sound so fun.

Rachel said...

I'm finally in Utah and I missed your signing today D: Nooooooooo

Jewel said...

You are simply the best.

Also, I wish I lived anywhere NEAR any of those places. Sigh.


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