Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Giveaway Number One winner!

I absolutely loved reading your suggestions. I had intended this to simply be something fun to chat about and think about and, in the end, have found my mind spinning with possibilities. These proposed house parties could be pretty fun to write!!

Okay, down to business. Our winner for Giveaway #1, selected randomly from among all the commenters here and on my website, is...

Heidi Grange, who, like a lot of you, suggested Phillip & Sorrel tossed together with Adam & Persephone would be a match made in entertainment heaven.

Heidi, message me either via my FB page or this website and I'll get you your prize ASAP.

Everyone, stay tuned. I'll be posting the next giveaway in about an hour!


Emma E said...

You should write some short stories about house parties where your characters collide! We would all love that (one of my favorite parts in the books are where we run into references to other books - like Lord Devereux showing up at Athena's ball, or Crisping telling Catherine he is acquainted with the Duke of Kielder)

Emma E said...

And congratulations, Heidi! Lucky gal :)


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