Saturday, September 6, 2014

This week has been so much fun, everyone! I usually celebrate the release of a new book by saying, "Oh. I have a book out. Yay!" all by myself and that's about it. This has been so much better! So thank you to everyone who participated, everyone who was able to attend the signings this weekend, and to all of you for your continued support and encouragement.

Our winner of the 5th and final prize is...

Stacie, who commented here on the blog saying she would choose to have dinner with the Duke of Kielder, Catherine, and Marion. (contact me either via the contact links here on the blog or message me on FB and I'll get you your prize)

A huge thank you, once again, to everyone who made this week so special!

Friday, September 5, 2014

We've reached the final giveaway of the For Elise Release Week Online Launch Party.

The "Almost as Good as Being There" Prize Pack

With so many people not living near enough or having conflicts that don't allow them to attend the Launch Party this weekend, I thought I'd put together a little piece of the party for one lucky winner.
  • A canvas "Duke of Kielder" tote bag
  • A signed copy of For Elise
  • Swag from the launch party (not pictured)
To enter...

If you could have dinner with any three of the characters from my books and short stories, which three would you choose?

Give your answer as a comment on this post and/or the corresponding post on my facebook page (
Contest will close on Saturday, Sept 6 at 7pm MDT.
One entry per commenter per post.
International entries permitted.


I loved reading your suggestions for future stories. Many of those characters I have already considered writing books about, but there were a couple I hadn't really thought of and now my brain is running a million miles a minute with new ideas!

And, our winner of the $25 Amazon gift card is...

Magdelyn Gamble, who commented on FB.
(contact me either on FB or via the contact icon on this website & I'll get you your gift card ASAP)

One more giveaway to go, everyone. I'll be posting it shortly!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Next up on our "For Elise Was Released This Week and I'm Super Excited About It, So I'm Giving Away Stuff" event...

a $25 Amazon Gift card!

to enter...

What supporting character from my books would you love to see get his or her own story?

Leave your answer in the comments on this post and/or on the corresponding post on my Facebook page ( One entry will be given per commenter on each post.
A winner will be randomly selected from amongst all commenters.
Contest closes Friday, Sept 5 at 12pm MDT.
International entries permitted.


Looks like Adam truly deserves the title Harry gave him, "His Royal Grumpiness." I would feel bad for the poor duke for winning such an unenviable contest, but I really don't think he would care what the rest of the world thinks of him. :) Gotta love Adam.

*cue drum roll*

Chosen at random from amongst all commenters on both FB & the website, our winner is...

RaeAnn Johansson Anderson, who commented on FB
(send me a message either via the FB page or through the contact icon here on the website & I'll get you all the details!)

Later today I'll start Giveaway #4, which I think you'll all be excited about! See you then!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Giveaway #3 in the "For Elise Launch Week Online Extravaganza"

You asked. I delivered.

A t-shirt featuring reader-favorite quotes from Adam, Duke of Kielder. Lines like:
  • "Where's the weasel?"
  • "Quit shaking. I'm not going to shoot you this time."
  • "I could make it look like an accident."
  • "Shut up, Harry."
  • "Ridiculous."
  • and many, many more
This shirt is not yet available for purchase, but Giveaway #3's prize is...

an Infamous Duke t-shirt!

To enter...

Who do you think would win in an Anti-social Grumpy Rich Guy contest: Adam or Mr. Darcy?

Leave your answer in the comments on this blog post and/or on the corresponding post on my Facebook author page ( The winner will be randomly selected from amongst all commenters in both locations

Contest will close Thursday, Sept 4 at 9:00am MDT.
Each commenter will receive 1 entry per post.
International entries permitted.

We have a winner of the Double Anthology Giveaway (randomly selected from amongst all the comments here and on the Facebook post)...

Lydia Nelson, whose comment was on Facebook, suggesting a Mystery-themed anthology [Lydia, if you would please contact me either through the contact icon on the website or via a direct message on FB, that would be great!]

I have LOVED reading through the suggestions. Such great ideas (I already have story ideas running through my head!)

I will be doing another giveaway later this morning, one I think you will all be excited about!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's Giveaway #2 Time...

As many of you know, I am a regular contributor to the Timeless Romance Anthologies (a set of 6 romantic short stories by 6 different authors, each set having its own theme). A few of those anthologies are available in print. This For Elise Launch Week prize is...

A set of TWO Timeless Romance Anthologies, Summer Wedding and Spring Vacation print editions.

How to enter...

TRA has done wedding, vacation, Autumn mystery, Christmas, winter, Old West, NYC, European, and Love Letter editions and will be doing Regency, Historical Christmas, California, Halloween, and Contemporary Christmas editions. What theme would you like to see the Timeless Romance Anthologies tackle in the future?

Comment on this post and/or the corresponding post on my Facebook Author Page ( with your answer.
One entry per person per post (1 on the blog, 1 on the FB post). Contest will close Wed, Sept 3rd, at 8am MDT.
US and Canada only, please.

We have a winner of the Four Book Giveaway...

"Alyssa and Eddy" who commented on the blog post.

("Alyssa and Eddy," if you'll send me an email via the Contact Me icon to the left or the Mail icon to the right, I'll arrange to get you your prize!)

Thanks so much to everyone who entered, there over 500 entries! I'll be doing another giveaway later this afternoon, so watch the blog & the Facebook page for that!

Monday, September 1, 2014

This week is the official release of For Elise, and, along with the fancy traveling launch party this Friday and Saturday (more info under the events icon on the left), I will be throwing a little online party leading up to this weekend's festivities.

No dress code.
No invite needed.
No socializing (because this is not something writers generally excel at).

Just some fun prizes and giveaways and a very subdued bit of Wahooing.

If you are on facebook, follow along with the fun at my FB author page beginning Monday, Sept 1st: and watch for contests & prizes to pop up throughout the week. (Don't worry about catching them the moment they appear; every contest will run for a day or two & winners will be selected randomly and not based on who answered first.)
  • Not on Facebook? That's okay. I'll post the contests here as well and include any comments from the various contest posts in the drawings.
So *cue drum roll* the first giveaway of the week...

Four Regency Romances

  • For Elise, by you-know-who
  • Becoming Lady Lockwood, by my sweet friend Jennifer Moore
  • The Stranger She Married, by another lovely friend Donna Hatch
  • Frederica, by a lady I like to pretend is my very dear friend despite the fact that she died before I was even born, the mother of the modern Regency romance, Georgette Heyer

To enter...

If you could travel to any place and time, where & when would you go?

Leave your answer in the comments (here and/or on FB ). A winner will be randomly chosen from amongst all those who comment.
Contest closes Tuesday, Sept 2, 12:00pm MDT.
US & Canada only, please.



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