Monday, March 10, 2014

"Longing for Home" needs your help!

I received word over the weekend that Longing for Home has reached the semi-final round of the 2014 RONE awards, an award of growing significance in the Indie/Small Press publishing arena. I am excited, humbled, nervous, hopeful, etc., etc., etc. I am crossing my fingers that Longing for Home can make it to the next round, but I need your help.

Longing for Home is up against 23 other titles in its category, of which only 6 will move on to the finals. The finalists are selected entirely by reader votes, and the voting period is only open this week, March 10-16th!

If you've read Longing for Home and feel it worthy of this recognition, please help me out by going to the RONE awards voting page here: You have register and/or log in to cast a vote. However, if you would rather not, you can also submit your vote via email to the following email address: -- be sure to include genre (American Historical), book (Longing for Home), and author (Sarah M Eden) in your email [email votes will only be accepted during the voting period, Mar 10-16].

Please, please, please take a moment to cast your vote for Longing for Home! I really, truly appreciate it.

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Lisa said...

One of my favorite books so far! Yes, I'll go vote. Good luck!


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