Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fiddle Tunes mentioned in Longing for Home

One of my favorite things about writing Longing for Home was the chance to celebrate my love of traditional Irish music. I was able to include, by name, many of my favorite traditional tunes. Every one that is mentioned in the book is a real tune that was in existence in 1870.

I thought, perhaps, you would enjoy a chance to hear a few of them.

Mentioned during Katie's first trip out to the river to play in the evening...

"Reel du Goglu"

"After the Sun Goes Down"


"Paddy McFadden" (a tune originating in Scotland, where it was called "Hills of Glen Orchy," upon crossing the Irish Sea into the Ulster Region of Ireland took on the name "Paddy McFadden")

 When Katie first plays her fiddle at the céilí...

"The Donegal Reel" (her first song, the one that stops the party in its tracks)


"The Dear Irish Boy" (the song she ends with, which Tavish says broke everyone's heart)

The tune Katie plays in memory of her father, "Ar Eirinn"
(the Irish verse is the original lyrics, though the English translation that follows isn't exact... still, a lovely, lovely rendition)

There are a ton more mentioned in Longing for Home, all of them real and authentic. Perhaps I'll do another installment down the road. And there are quite a few in the sequel, Hope Springs. We could be at this for a long time.


Julie said...

Beautiful songs! Thank you for sharing them with us. I was very curious about them when I read the book. Someday I am hoping to visit that amazing land.

Crystal Memmott said...

Thank you for sharing these tunes from your book. Such "extras" really help to bring your story to life. I finished reading the book a couple of days ago and remember wondering if you were mentioning real tunes.
I look forward to reading the sequel to Longing for Home.

Kate Fluckiger said...

I love this!

Jewel said...

These brought tears to my eyes. As a violinist, that aspect of Longing For Home truly touched me.
Maybe if I spent the next fifteen years of my life doing nothing but practicing, I could possibly play one of these tunes....
nah. Probably not even then. :)

Jennifer E. McFadden said...

Love these tunes, thanks for posting!

Crafty Midge said...

Wow! I was wondering what the songs sounded like when I read the book. They are so beautiful, and they are really reminiscent of Katie's life and personality. After reading both books (which were GREAT, by the way :)), it really did bring life and reality to the story. Thank you!


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