Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sarah's upping her Nerd-cred (AKA, I Get to be Part of a PBS Documentary Panel Discussion)

I have been invited by KUED to be all "intellectual." This is a new PBS documentary about the Romance Novel industry, those who read romances (and why they do), those who write them, the stigmas attached, the ups and downs, etc. Those of you who know me, know I am passionate about this genre, about what it could be, what it ought to be. I'm excited to be able to discuss it and be part of the ongoing conversation surrounding the Romance industry.
(And here is my advisory: I haven't seen the documentary, so I cannot vouch for content. There is the possibility that, as it discusses the wide variety of books in this genre, it might touch upon aspects that are further down the content spectrum than you might be comfortable with. It might be squeaky clean. It might not. So... there you go.)

Come if you can!


Shiralea Woodhouse said...

So is this going to be on TV or do you have to be there in person?

Becca said...

More proof that you are so. stinking. cool. Congratulations.

Liz said...

When will "Drops of Gold" be available as a Kindle edition? I keep checking Amazon every day!


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