Thursday, January 31, 2013

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It has been an amazing few months for me. Not only have I had two books come out, which is always a fantastic feeling, but my wonderful, talented, hard-working, genius agent Pam has been hard at work shopping a manuscript. This past Saturday the deal she brokered was officially announced on Publisher's Marketplace, which means I can now tell the world all about it!

Here's the announcement itself. (For those of you who aren't writers, seeing this in black and white, all official and fancy, is HUGE!! An absolutely dream come true and, most of the time, the result of years and years of work.)

So, this August I will have a brand new novel on shelves. I love, love, love this story and the characters who are part of it, and I know you will as well. The next few months will be absolutely crazy as we edit, re-edit and re-re-edit. There will be cover and title decisions to be made, marketing plans to plan, and all around fun and exciting and work-intensive things to accomplish. I cannot wait!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I know I've been quiet and AWOL and neglectful and (consults thesaurus) derelict. Let me explain...

No. There's too much.

Let me sum up.

I have thought of some great blog posts, some fun things to share and chat about and generally use to fill up space on this website. I have. Really.

But we have had the most ridiculously cold weather here at the base of my lovely mountain and, as a result, I have spent the last week and more dealing with frozen pipes, flooded basements, no running water... You get the idea.

Life's crazy at the moment. Every free moment goes to crisis prevention and damage control. I'll be back when the water is on again. Promise!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I have been invited by KUED to be all "intellectual." This is a new PBS documentary about the Romance Novel industry, those who read romances (and why they do), those who write them, the stigmas attached, the ups and downs, etc. Those of you who know me, know I am passionate about this genre, about what it could be, what it ought to be. I'm excited to be able to discuss it and be part of the ongoing conversation surrounding the Romance industry.
(And here is my advisory: I haven't seen the documentary, so I cannot vouch for content. There is the possibility that, as it discusses the wide variety of books in this genre, it might touch upon aspects that are further down the content spectrum than you might be comfortable with. It might be squeaky clean. It might not. So... there you go.)

Come if you can!



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