Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A few days pack I posted on Facebook a snapshot of my Bulletin Board of Literary Awesomeness Yet to Come, otherwise known as, Sarah is About to Start Another Book and Finally Got Everything Organized. The photo was such a success and garnered such a surprising number of comments that I've decided to do a bit of a blog post here explaining in a little more detail how my system works.

Here's the board in all its glory!! *cue dramatic fanfare*

I made this board my own self (impressed, aren't you?!) because I could not find a bulletin board that gave me the setup I needed.

The top 3/4 is cork for pinning stuff up. See, we're off to a very creative start already. Up there I tack up my 7-point plot structures for the main plot line and the most complicated/important subplots. For this book there are 3 plot lines I've plot-pointed (is that a word??)

Next to my super fancy plot structure papers are my scene cards. I use sticky notes pinned to the board. Each "card" represents a different scene and each color indicates a different point-of-view. This book is unique in that it has 3 POVs and most of my books only have 2. Intrigued yet?? The scene cards aren't overly specific, really just a basic description of the scene along with important things that need to happen or be foreshadowed in it. If, as I'm writing, I discover the scene doesn't work or needs to be moved, I either replace it or move it around.

The bottom 1/4 of the bulletin board is a little holder for the sticky notes… that I made MYSELF. Next to that is a little holder for pens & pencils… that I made MYSELF. I think I will just begin abbreviating "that I made MYSELF" as TIMM, because I'm going to get to say that again. *smiles in satisfaction*

Beside the pens & pencils is a little paper frame TIMM where I keep maps, floor plans, images of buildings/landscapes, etc. related to the story.

Beside that frame is another frame TIMM where I put pictures of "character look alikes" I found on the internet. Basically I search around until I find a picture of someone with the same coloring, basic look, etc. as my main characters & particularly important supporting characters. It helps me keep their appearance consistent. (I have a folder where I keep other information… education, childhood experiences, likes/dislikes, etc.)

The bulletin board sits right by my writing desk in my "office." And by "office" I mean the teeny, tiny corner of our living room where I have carved out some space for myself.

I could go into a lot more detail, but most of you have probably already started skimming. I guess it all comes down to… I get a little obsessive about this writing gig, but that's probably a good thing.

Monday, September 10, 2012

I love Christmas. LOVE Christmas. But this year I am particularly looking forward to the holidays. Why is that, you ask? To explain, I have to backtrack a bit and give you a long, rambling history.

I'm Irish. Have I ever mentioned that? If that part of my heritage is a surprise to you, you've obviously not been around these parts (ie, this blog) on the "Holiday of Coolness," known to the rest of everyone as "St. Patrick's Day." We celebrate March 17th with abandon around here. The Irish music plays from sun up until well past sun down. We have traditional Irish dishes at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We all wear green. I attempt an Irish accent and fail in miserably hilarious ways.

Ever since I was a wee little thing I have wanted to visit the British Isles: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland. The works! My husband and I actually began saving money the first year we were married and kept at it every year since so we could spend our 10th anniversary in England. Thanks to a terrible economy, a job relocation in the midst of a horrible housing market, etc., that money ended up going to other more practical things, and we spent our 10th anniversary at home. And while that was sad and a little disappointing, I took Journey's advice and didn't stop believing.

Well, fast forward to this year. A little judicious saving, a bit of unforeseen good fortune, a lot of time and effort invested in finding fantastically good deals, and a family agreement to forego all other gifts this Christmas season...
My husband and I and our kids will be spending Christmas in Ireland.

Remember that old Bing Crosby song, "Christmas in Killarney"? We will actually be in Killarney on Christmas Day. What are the chances we'll sing that song a few times??

I don't think the reality of it has entirely sunk in yet, but we're in that frantic and exciting planning stage. Getting the kids their passports, filling out paperwork for international driving permits, double checking reservations, etc.

I have a feeling next year's blog posts will be full of "here's the embarrassing thing I did when we went to..." stories. And pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of a few of the actual places we are going to actually see with our actual eyes. Éirinn go Brách!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

 An Unlikely Match

The future has never looked brighter for once penniless Nickolas Pritchard. Now in possession of an unforeseen legacy from a distant cousin, he can finally woo the exquisite Miss Castleton, belle of the London Season. What better setting for matchmaking than Ty Mynydd, his ancestral home nestled in the untamed hills of Wales? Ideal, indeed ... except for the ghost.

For nearly four hundred years, Gwen has walked the halls of the home in which she lived—and died a mysterious death. But despite centuries as the reigning force within her ancient residence, nothing prepares her for the charm and unexpected appeal of Englishman Nickolas.

A deep and abiding affection grows between the two, tempered by the unbreakable barrier that separates them. They cannot possibly hope for a happily ever after. there can be no future between a man yet living and a woman long dead.

But how can Nickolas possibly give Gwen up? And how can Gwen face an eternity without Nickolas?

Available at: (I will add the links as they become available)
Deseret Book (currently available for preorder)
Seagull Book
Amazon Kindle Store


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