Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You are amazing!

I am absolutely blown away by the response to my pathetic little cry for help last week. I begged for names and y'all came through in a big way. I cannot tell you how much time I've spent staring at long lists of historically appropriate name with nothing jumping out at me. One name just sort of faded into the next. But your comments, emails, facebook comments, etc. have been perfect. Several names struck me as definite possibilities.

As an interesting FYI, I saw in the suggestions Miles, Nicholas, Charles, Layton (different spelling in the suggestion, but what are the chances of that name coming up?!) and Carter. Oddly enough, these are names I have already chosen for heroes of upcoming books. As my 9-year-old would say, "Same brain! Same brain!"

Now is the point where I take the names from your lists and let this character try them on, walk around a while with each one, and figure out which fits him best. Once I've done that, I'll post the name of choice here on the blog.

Thanks again, everyone. You are the best! 

And, PS, I'm holding on to this amazing list of names for future reference!


Rachel said...

Good luck, I hope you find the perfect name!!

Robin Weeks said...

Pick one of mine! Pick one of MINE!!! :D

Rachel said...

Okay this is random-I saw on one of your pages a book called Drops of Gold and that it is about the Jonquil brothers. Like, Jason from Kiss of a Stranger? Is there any update for when that will come out?? I am really excited...

Sarah M Eden said...

Excellent question, Rachel.
Jason from "Kiss of a Stranger" is absolutely one of the Jonquil brothers. We met all seven of them (Philip, Layton, Corbin, Jason, Stanley, Harold and Charlie) in "Friends and Foes," the first of the books about the Jonquils (it's Philip's book).
"Drops of Gold" is the next Jonquil book and it is about Layton, the second brother. "Drops of Gold" will be released in January of 2013!
Every one of those crazy brothers will have their own book--I've written all of them up through Stanley.


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