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I Need Friends Friday: Kindal Debenham

(Every Friday I interview a different person and share that interview with you. Perhaps they will be a fellow-author. Perhaps one of my neighbors. Maybe the bagger at the grocery store. A member of my family. A follower of this blog. Maybe it will be you! Hey, it could happen.)

Today's friend is Kindal Debenham. Kindal is the author of Wolfhound and the soon-to-be-released The True Adventures of Hector Kingsley. He currently lives in Texas, though he admits he hasn't yet claimed full-Texan status. Kindal can be found online at his blog, with his books available at Amazon, Lulu and Smashwords.
SME: Welcome to I Need Friends Friday.

Kindal Debenham: Hi! Glad to be here.

SME: And so am I. INFF was on a very long hiatus.

Kindal Debenham: Always good to take time off for the holidays right?

SME: Exactly. And other things like my sanity. That needed a little attention as well.

Kindal Debenham: We're writers though. Sanity is usually brief for us.

SME: One thing I pride myself on here at INFF is that I'm not afraid to completely humiliate myself by asking questions that thoroughly display my ignorance. Here's one: How do you pronounce your first name?

Kindal Debenham: Pretty much exactly as you would pronounce kindle.

SME: In other words, if Amazon had launched its e-reader while you were in grade school, the bullies would have had a hay day -- assuming the bullies were, ya know… readers.

Kindal Debenham: I suppose so. I'm kind of glad that didn't happen. I had enough nicknames when I was growing up. One more might have been the last straw!

SME: And heaven knows we writers don't need even more reasons we're a little messed up.

Kindal Debenham: Hahaha. Too true.

SME: Lest you think I don't do my homework before these interviews... I discovered through hours and hours of research (ahem... a couple minutes) that you graduated from college with a degree in Molecular Biology. That sounds like one of those smart majors. Science and stuff, ya know?

Kindal Debenham: It does, doesn't it?

SME: Is it?

Kindal Debenham: I like to think so! :) I was originally going to go into medicine for my career.

SME: It's right up there with Rocket Scientist as one of those majors/careers used in TV to indicate the character is really, really brainy.

Kindal Debenham: I was originally going to go into medicine for my career.

SME: What did you end up doing for a career (other than Writer, of course)

Kindal Debenham: Kind of. You could say it is the hallmark of a truly dedicated nerd.

SME: "Hallmark of a Truly Dedicated Nerd" -  That should totally be on a T-shirt!

Kindal Debenham: And yes, it should be!
Well, right now I am an insurance clerk in an emergency room. Not the most glamorous job, but its paying the bills while I get the writing thing going.

SME: Wait. You mean being a writer doesn't automatically lead to wealth beyond your wildest dreams?! Because that's what I've heard! Authors are ALL rolling in cash! Right?!

Kindal Debenham: No, no, there's a two month delay before we indies get paid remember? Ask me again in two months. :)

SME: Okay, potentially embarrassing question #2: Did you and your wife happen to attend Life, the Universe and Everything at BYU while y'all were up here? (It'll be embarrassing for me depending on your answer)

Kindal Debenham: Absolutely! I was kind of a lurker though. Didn't really introduce myself very much.

SME: Okay!!! I am positive I sat next to you guys in one of the classes. I distinctly remember talking to an attendee who was there with her husband and I thought it was so cool that they were both writers. I am SURE it was you two! Sure!

Kindal Debenham: Hmmm. That might have been us. Was the girl a blond with blue eyes and a beautiful smile? (I just earned ten husband points!)

SME: Yes! I think it was you! That makes me a stalker, huh? Don't freak out!

Kindal Debenham: What's a little stalking between friends?

SME: We are going to assume it was you two because, let's face it, the best friendships begin with stalking.

Kindal Debenham: Hahaha, there's a quotable phrase right there. More T-shirt material!

SME: And for the sake of those reading this interview who are probably lost and confused (a pretty normal thing here at INFF), Kindal and his lovely wife are not only both writers... they met at a writing group. Dude. Awesome.

Kindal Debenham: Yep! The Quark Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Group, to be exact.

SME: And was it love at first sight, or first paragraph perhaps?

Kindal Debenham: We were playing a four way chess game (Nope, not even making that up. It was that nerdy.) and I teased her for cackling like an evil genius. Things just developed from there. :)

SME: That. Is. Awesome. I say embrace the inner nerd.
Oooh. Another T-Shirt quote

Kindal Debenham: Indeed. You should start up a quote T shirt thing. You'd make millions! But then again you are already a rich writer, soo...

SME: A person can never have too many lucrative career options, though, right?

Kindal Debenham: True, true.

SME: In case it hasn't been obvious up to this point... you are a writer. Tell us a little about what you write.

Kindal Debenham: I am a writer! I am currently writing a lot of science fiction.

SME: Since you are all sciency and stuff. Got it.

Kindal Debenham: My first book is called Wolfhound, and it's basically a action adventure story. My next one is going to be a steampunk detective story called The True Adventures of Hector Kingsley, which should come out in February. The steampunk was really fun to write. Hector is a unique character to write He's a bit...wry you could say. He also lives in a world that has been turned upside down by the discovery of a crystal that can both power machinery and change people into monsters, so it's fun watching him try to maintain a proper social standing while dealing with that. 

SME: Fantastic! Steampunk is growing in popularity I've noticed. It is really... wait for it... picking up steam.

Kindal Debenham: Ouch. That was CSI miami glasses worthy.

SME: Yeah. I was channeling my dad on that one. He's the king of painful puns. ... And there's another T-shirt right there.

Kindal Debenham: Hahaha. Man, we really should just quit writing and do T shirts.

SME: Okay… traditional INFF question: What is your favorite continent?

Kindal Debenham: My favorite continent? Good question... I would have to say Asia. Because you can never win a land war there.

SME: I have heard this before. You should also never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line. FYI

Kindal Debenham: Unless of course, you've built up a resistance to poison!

SME: A valuable thing to do.

Kindal Debenham: I don't understand why everyone doesn't do it, really.

SME: I do believe, Kindal, this brings us to pretty much everyone's favorite part of INFF -- the portrait gallery. Are you excited to see the portrait I drew of you? huh? huh?

Kindal Debenham: Absolutely!

Kindal Debenham: Cowboy boots! And a beaker!  I'm a study in contradictions. Like a Starburst.

SME: Oh, yes. I wanted to show how complex and multi-faceted you are. Cowboy boots because you're in Texas, of course.

Kindal Debenham: Of course! though I do not own a firearm yet, I'm ashamed to say. I think that only qualifies me for fake Texan status. :( 

SME: I'm not sure you should admit that kind of thing. I'd bet there are pretty enormous repercussions.

Kindal Debenham: Oh, the people down here can tell already. It's like a sixth sense Texans have.

SME: There's another t-shirt in there somewhere.

Kindal Debenham: Probably. :)

SME: Well, that brings us to the traditional final question of every INFF interview: Top 5 reasons this is the best blog interview you've ever done. Ready. Go.

Kindal Debenham: 1. I didn't get asked the how do you come up with stories question. I never know what to say to that except I'm crazy.
 2. T-shirt quotes. For the win!
3. I got husband brownie points for mentioning my wife.
4. Reconnected with a stalker. Always....goood....
5. The other interviews didn't allow my patented abuse of smileys. :)

SME: :) :) :) :)

Kindal Debenham: They'

SME: And, in regard to the "where do you get your story ideas" question, I always answer "There are these voices in my head…" Then I let my eyes get all vague.

Kindal Debenham: The scary part is how true that is...

SME: Thanks so much for joining us here for INFF. Best of luck with all your writing and other endeavors!

Kindal Debenham: Thank you so much for the opportunity! It was a lot of fun. And good luck to you in your career as well.

SME - *cue exit music* Well, this has been "I Need Friends" Friday. Come back next week when I will make another friend!!

If you'd like to be interviewed for "I Need Friends" Friday, shoot me off an email: friends at sarahmeden dot com!
I am looking for anyone and everyone, whether or not you think you are interesting. You'll get a fantastic stick figure portrait of yourself, a little promotion (if you're looking for that sort of thing) and the opportunity to tell your friends and family that you've been interviewed by SME, er... by ME!


Cassandra said...

Awesome Interview. I love the boots in the picture!

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Haha. These interviews are always so fun(ny). Good luck with the T-shirt endeavors!

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Hooray! I love that INFF is back!


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