Monday, December 19, 2011

Favorite Christmas Carols, Day 8

The Christmas song "White Christmas" has confused me my entire life. I grew up in Arizona. I had no concept of a white Christmas, no burning desire to experience one, no understanding of why wishing someone a "white Christmas" was even appealing. From what I'd heard, snow was cold and had to be shoveled and stuff. It seemed to me that wishing someone a white Christmas was sort of like saying "May your Christmas be filled with exhausting manual labor and high heating bills."

I now live in a cold area of the world where white winters are more or less a given. I kind of get it. I think. Snow is still cold and definitely has to be shoveled, but it sure is an improvement over bitterly cold weather without snow. At least snow can be fun. And it's pretty. I'm guessing though, the proverbial wish for a white Christmas has much more to do with fond childhood memories of home and family.

I do love the Christmas song "White Christmas," and here are my excellent reasons why...
  1. The movie. Dude. Watching "White Christmas" is a family tradition dating back to... well to probably the year the movie was made. It was always the first Christmas movie we watched each holiday season. Danny Kay made me laugh every time and Bing Crosby made me swoon. I always wished I could dance like Vera Ellen and sing like Rosemary Clooney. And, in the context of that film, wishing for a white Christmas totally made sense! (And now I'm grinning at the memory of Danny and Bing dressed in the ladies' costumes lip-synching to "Sisters.")
  2. The other movie. Do you remember the scene in "Home Alone" where Kevin pats his cheeks with aftershave, then screams? The Drifters version of "White Christmas" is playing in the background. Hearing their rendition always makes me think of that movie. We watched this movie with my grandfather the year it came out and it is one of my favorite childhood memories. Grandpa laughed so hard he had tears pouring down his face, which made us laugh even harder. I can remember sitting there with my family, all of us gasping for air because we were laughing so hard. I can't hear the song or watch the movie without thinking of him.
So, while there are many versions of "White Christmas" to choose from, I've gone with this one.

White Christmas
by The Drifters

"May all your Christmases be white." (provided you like that sort of thing.) 

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Donna K. Weaver said...

Even better (to me) than "White Christmas" (which was made in 1954, btw--and I love it, too [how can you not with Danny Kaye in it?]) is "Holiday Inn" (made in 1942) where der Bingle sang it for the first time. Back in the days before VHS and DVD and cable we sometimes had to catch the oddball holiday film when it happened to run on TV. I remember waiting for "Holiday Inn" to start at 1 a.m. one Saturday morning.

I'm so grateful for DVDs.


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