Monday, September 26, 2011

First of all, a big thanks to everyone who posted/tweeted or reposted/retweeted pictures of Seeking Persephone over the last few weeks. It really helped get the word out. Also, it was super fun for me!

I enlisted the help of once again to randomly pick a winner of the second "Post a Picture" prize. The winner is...

Emily Nelson, who posted this picture on Facebook:  

Wahoo! Emily, send me a message over on Facebook or use the "contact me" link at the top of the page and we can arrange to get your prize to you.

Thanks everyone!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

 It's this week! It's this week!

Join me and authors Josi S. Kilpack & Melanie Jacobson as we launch our brand new books!

Thursday, September 22
Barnes & Noble
5300 South State Street.
Murray, Utah
Food, Fun, Fantastic Reads!

(And any pictures taken of Seeking Persephone at the party (and posted to FB or Twitter) will be eligible for the giveaway drawing!)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

As we look back on the tragic events of September 11th, I can't help feeling I have little to add to what has been said and is being said. I will, however, share a thought from my wonderfully articulate daughter. During a recent conversation about those events, she said something profound. I will leave my comments on this day of reflection and sadness to her.

"I hear people saying that they keep trying to understand why the hijackers did what they did on September 11th. I don't think anyone can understand something that hateful unless they are that hateful too. If we can't understand it, that means there's still good in us. As long as there's still good, there's still hope."
---Katherine Eden, age 8



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