Friday, August 12, 2011

INFF? Or Disneyland?

Given the choice between arranging, conducting, formatting and posting a hilarious, insightful interview of an unavoidably interesting individual -and- kicking it at Disneyland with your family... which would you pick?

I picked the Happiest Place on Earth. Just so you know.

I didn't do an interview this week. Also, I didn't respond to the emails I got this week regarding future interviews (that's right, I'm looking at you Becca Wilhite, who sent me an email rife with begging and kissing up, though my favorite part was where she thought she needed to explain to me who she is almost as if I didn't absolutely devour My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions and then decide that Becca, whom I've never actually met, was either my future BFF or a twin from whom I was separated at birth.)

So... here's my offering to you as a "sorry for not keeping up my end of this relationship," sort of like how a husband brings his wife flowers because *fill in the blank with any number of things a guy can get in trouble for neglecting to do.*

The End.

This is a book I wish I'd written:

I really hope my next book is priced in Whiz Wrappers!


Angie said...

Have fun at Disneyland!

kshart99 said...

Hello! I just finished your "Kiss of a Stranger", and I LOVED IT! It kept my interest the whole time! What a great love story !! Will you be writing a sequel to it? this is the first book I've read of yours, and I'm excited to read others! I love finding fun new authors! :) (Kathy in Nephi)


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