Friday, June 24, 2011

I Need Friends Friday: Robin Weeks

(Every Friday I interview a different person and share that interview with you. Perhaps they will be a fellow author. Perhaps one of my neighbors. Maybe the bagger at the grocery store. A member of my family. A follower of this blog. Maybe it will be you! Hey, it could happen.)

Today's INFF guest is the wonderful Robin Weeks. Robin is another of my literarily minded cyber friends (we have attended a couple of the same conferences, but I mostly know her via twitter and blogs and stuff like that). She can be found online at her blog, on twitter (her handle is @Robin_Weeks) and over at David Farland's Authors Advisory, of which she is an organizer/host/doer of great deeds.

SME: Cool. Alright... Welcome to INFF!

Robin Weeks: Thanks! I'm excited to be here. And nervous. What if I'm not funny?

SME: That could be funny in and of itself. Think about it.

Robin Weeks: Also, what if the insane rainstorm that just started knocks out the power?

SME: Again, humor comes in many different packages.

Robin Weeks: Well, you're funny and in a small package....

SME: Oh yes. Like a travel-size joke book.

Robin Weeks: LOL
So are you recovering okay from your fainting spell?

SME: Barely.

Robin Weeks: And do you now relate more to the Victorian ladies who (I've heard) faint lots?

SME: They probably fainted more eloquently than I did. I've never once read a romance in which the heroine swoons and lands on her face.

Robin Weeks: Well, they had fainting couches then.

SME: This is true. Maybe I should consider having one of those installed on my front porch, just in case.

Robin Weeks: Given everything, that'd be smart

SME: And, instead of a "No Soliciting" sign, I'm thinking of hanging a "I Pass Out A Lot. You've Been Warned" sign. Effective, no?

Robin Weeks: That'll put em on the run. Maybe I should put up a sign like that just because....

SME: It's going to be the latest craze. Mark my words.

Robin Weeks: Better hurry and patent it. You'll make a mint!

SME: Good call.
So, tell us a little about yourself, Robin. Feel free to make it laugh-out-loud funny. No pressure.

Robin Weeks: Um, if I start with an LOL, that works, right?

SME: Sure. I'm easy going about these things.

Robin Weeks: So, yeah, I have a theatre arts degree and I work as an attorney while dreaming of best-sellerdom And a daughter. Which I'll convince my hubby to try for as soon as I can stay-at-home

SME: Theatre arts, eh? I loved theatre in high school. Haven't done much since then.

Robin Weeks: I never had a clique until I joined the drama club in high school. Those geeks will accept anyone.

SME: Tell me about it. All I had to do was agree to play every character under the age of 12 and I was totally IN!

Robin Weeks: LOL--I bet you played a lot of "young boy" parts

SME: Tiny Tim. Boo-yah!

Robin Weeks: I'm sure your "God bless us, every one" was Oscar-worthy

SME: I also broke their hearts with my "I have several fatal diseases" limp. It was spectacular!

Robin Weeks: I'm crying now, just picturing it.

SME: A crowning achievement of mine, to be sure.

Robin Weeks: Mine was playing Abigail Williams in The Crudible. Evil girls have more fun.

SME: So you played evil girls and I played small, sickly children. There's a joke in there somewhere.

Robin Weeks: My evil girls would crush your small, sickly children. Then laugh.

SME: Okay. Honestly? Kinda frightened right now.

Robin Weeks: No worries. I grew up and became a mommy.

SME: Phew! But also a writer, and those writer types are strange!

Robin Weeks: Too true. Especially theatre-writer types. I've got a corner on weird.

SME: I am curious: How did you get involved with David Farland's Author Advisory?

Robin Weeks: I went through a period where I obsessively volunteered for everything.

SME: Been there. Luckily, with therapy, I recovered fully.

Robin Weeks: Dave announced in the Daily Kick he was starting up an online writer's forum, and I ended up writing the critique guide. Then his brother, Jim (who runs the forum and is the mastermind behind Authors' Advisory) announced the calls and I... waited a few days... and then, well, volunteered.

SME: Have you enjoyed it?

Robin Weeks: SO MUCH FUN!!! No better excuse to talk to awesome authors. Like yourself.

SME: *ahem* September 14th. *ahem* hahaha

Robin Weeks: Yes! I guess you'd better be nice to me here or I'll have my revenge. *cackles evilly*

SME: Wow. So true. *begins rethinking things*

Robin Weeks: No rush. Feel free to rewrite all your questions. I can be patient.

SME: Let's go with this tried-and-true question, then: What's your favorite continent?

Robin Weeks: Uh-oh. I've been pondering this one. North America has to win because, well, I live here. Europe take a close second, though, 'cause I'm half English.

SME: I have a lot of British blood, myself. And Scottish and Irish and a bit o' German thrown into the mix.

Robin Weeks: I know--I loved that Scottish poem. Very fun to say.
Irish is my favorite accent to fake, though.

SME: Hey, I have a game for us to play!

Robin Weeks: Okay. *tries not to be nervous*

SME: This game is entitled "There Should Be a Law Against Stupidity." I'll ask you 3 questions about remarkably dumb criminals along with 3 possible answers. Pick the correct answer and you win!

Robin Weeks: Uh, oh. This is either the perfect game for me, or I'm about to embarrass myself (I'm a criminal defense attorney.)

SME: Yeah. I had that in mind when I crafted it. You're welcome.

Robin Weeks: Thanks! (I think.)

SME: Question 1: A criminal recently barged into someone's house wielding what unorthodox weapon?
A-an overly ripe banana
B-a dead weasel
C-a book filled with cliches, heavy-handed writing and more than its share of info dumping. Potent, indeed.

Robin Weeks: Side story--two of my high school drama friends and I actually took over another high school's auditorium with bananas. Only, ours weren't overripe. I'll still go with Option A, Sarah. an overly ripe banana.

SME: Nice tie-in, but, sadly, the answer was B. He brandished a dead weasel.

Robin Weeks: LOL--that was my second guess. Or was it my first and I second-guessed myself? WHEN will I learn?

SME: Question 2: Two burglars pretty much earned the title "Dumbest Burglars on the Planet" when they chose to rob:
A-A store that sells security cameras and, understandably, was equipped with 17 working cameras of its own
B-an actual uniformed police officer in front of a police station
C-Each other

Robin Weeks: Um, I'm going to go with B. 'Cause when you gotta rob someone, you don't sweat the details.

SME: You know how on standardized tests, if you gave the same letter answer 2 questions in a row it made you wonder if maybe you were wrong because, ya know, what are the chances of B being right twice in a row? Remember that? hint, hint

Robin Weeks: Yes! That's why I'm nervous about my answer.

SME: Nervous, eh? I'd go with that feeling. Just saying.

Robin Weeks: But since I actually went with A on the last one, I didn't see the B pattern until it was too late.

SME: Maybe I'm stalling long enough for it to not be too late. Maybe.

Robin Weeks: You giving me the chance to change my answer?

SME: That is a distinct possibility.

Robin Weeks: Well, I just read Janette Rallison's My Unfair Godmother, and changing things didn't work out, so....

SME: So are you sticking with B?

Robin Weeks: I'm also weighing how dumb I'll feel if it was really A and I didn't take the chance to change my answer against how dumb I'll feel if I got it right and changed it....
Yeah, I'll stick with B. Final Answer. :) *ducks* *Covers face*

SME: It was A. And I have nothing else to say in regard to this.

Robin Weeks: DANG IT! I'm blaming Janette.

SME: I think that is a great life philosophy. Hi, Janette! *ducks*
One more chance, Robin. This is for redemption, glory and bragging rights. Here we go.

Robin Weeks: But if I get it wrong, at least I'll have a perfect score....

SME: Question 3: An amazingly incompetent smuggler was caught trying to sneak animals into the country when he labeled the box they were in:
A-"Nothing Illegal in this Box"

Robin Weeks: A sounds likely.

SME: B-"The entire collected works of Sarah M. Eden" -- what border agent could resist that?!?

C-with the name of another type of animal which was also illegal to bring into the country

Robin Weeks: I'm rejecting B--Border Agents are universally uninteresting *ducks*
Sigh. It's either A or C.

SME: Think "no repetition of correct letters." Repeat that again and again, like a mantra.

Robin Weeks: I will say, though, that if I saw a box filled with your collected works, it would probably disappear.
C. Going with C.

SME: It's an INFF miracle!!! C is the correct answer. And, around here, 1 correct answer is enough to make you INFF Champion for the week!!

Robin Weeks: Yay!!! I WIN I WIN!!! So I win a box of your collected works, right?

SME: You win the right to crow it over Rob Wells, because he didn't get crowned INFF Champion. Because he's a punk.

Robin Weeks: Well, it's only fair. I get to be champion, but he was funnier.

SME: Sounds good to me.

Robin Weeks: Still, I did so want a perfect score.... :)

SME: How about a portrait instead?

Robin Weeks: A portrait would be LOVELY!!

*draws a LOVELY portrait*

Robin Weeks: I'm so pretty!
I gotta get me those shoes

SME: I know, right? The shoes are fab!

Robin Weeks: You are a wonderful artist

SME: Yes, my stick figures will someday hang in the Louvre.

Robin Weeks: They'll have their own wing.

SME: Yeah. The bathroom wing.

Robin Weeks: LOL--I'm sure they don't have a whole wing for bathrooms
What if I was at the other end of the museum and needed to go?

SME: The lack of a bathroom wing may just save my career as a portraiteur.

Robin Weeks: I'm sure many an artist has thought the same.
Though, really, you are already a novelist--you can't switch to art!

SME: This is true. So long as my books don't get shelved in the bathroom wing of various bookstores.

Robin Weeks: That would NEVER happen

SME: Well, that brings us to the final question of the interview. Top 5 reasons this is the best blog interview you've ever done. Ready. Go.

Robin Weeks: Reason #1: the awesome portrait in all my curly-headed glory
#2: It's the first I've done with a live interviewer
#3: Sarah just rocks.
#4: Nature itself smiled upon this interview by refraining from knocking out the power
#5: I love romance, romance authors, funny people and especially funny romance authors

SME: Funny romance authors are the very best!

Robin Weeks: No doubt

SME: Thanks for for being my Friday Friend, Robin!

Robin Weeks: You're so welcome! I'm excited to return the favor on September 14! (there will be no editing on that call, by the way)

SME: That's alright. I'll just say something like "feel free to edit that in your minds" to the listening audience.

Robin Weeks: That'll work

*cue exit music* Well, this has been a very special installment of "I Need Friends" Friday. Come back next week when I will make another friend!!

If you'd like to be interviewed for "I Need Friends" Friday, shoot me off an email: friends at sarahmeden dot com!
I am looking for anyone and everyone, whether or not you think you are interesting. You'll get a fantastic stick figure portrait of yourself, a little promotion (if you're looking for that sort of thing) and the opportunity to tell your friends and family that you've been interviewed by SME, er... by ME!


Robin Weeks said...

So, should I be concerned that you're planning to "actually make a friend" next week? Am I chopped liver? :)

Thanks so much for the interview! I had tons of fun and learned an important lesson: Sarah is too nice to screw with your head. Noted for next time.

In my defense, I know a few criminals and I can absolutely see one holding up a cop outside the police station. Probably just after getting released from jail. Just sayin'. :)

I'm headed to the Land of the Dead Zone: Wyoming. Have a great Friday!

Um, my word verification is "stickess" which is perfect for your guest portraits.

Sarah M Eden said...

hahaha! Good catch on the goodbye phrase there, Robin. The "actually make a friend" is left over from last week when I didn't make a friend. I have now fixed it.
And, FYI, I've had chopped liver.. you are TONS better than chopped liver!!

Donna K. Weaver said...

Best. Interview. Ever!

I've been seeing quite a few author interviews lately, and they seriously lack the fun factor. This was delightful and you both had me rofl several times. Thanks!

Ru said...

Nice to meet you Sarah - any e-friend of Robin's is a friend of mine. :)

Angie said...

Teehee. Great interview ladies. No worries about not being funny. You are both great.

Robin Weeks said...

Yay! Grandpa has internet! And, I'm better than chopped liver! And people laughed! :D *Waves*

Terry W. Ervin II said...

Fun interview and great artwork, including the shoes.

Deana said...

That was fun! Robin I was rootin' for you on that quiz...thank goodness you pulled that last one out:)


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