Friday, February 11, 2011

I Need Friends Friday: Jennifer K Clark and Stephonie K Williams

(Every Friday I interview a different person and share that interview with you. Perhaps they will be a fellow author. Perhaps one of my neighbors. Maybe the bagger at the grocery store. A member of my family. A follower of this blog. Maybe it will be you! Hey, it could happen.)

We have two, count 'em two, INFF guests today. Jennifer K Clark and Stephonie K Williams are the co-authors of Mark of Royalty, a brand new historical romance set during the Renaissance. They are also sisters. Cool, eh?
Jennifer, Stephonie and I will be celebrating our new releases at the fantastic Launch Party tomorrow!
SME: Welcome to INFF!

Stephonie: Thanks! I am thrilled to be here!

Jennifer: Thanks, it's good to be here.

SME: This is my first two-for-one interview!

Jennifer: That's exciting. And kind of confusing.

Stephonie: This is our first interview besides the one we did for the book trailer. Lots of firsts for us.

SME: I'm just going to dive right in and ask you a question that I've been dying to ask---how did you two first stumble across the idea of writing a book together?

Stephonie: It sort of evolved.

SME: Like from random conversations? Or you discovered you were, miraculously, writing the same book at the same time and didn't know it? ('Cause that would be an inarguable sign from heaven!)

Jennifer: I love stories and I came up with an absolute fabulous story and just had to tell my sister about it. Steph said it was so good that I should write it, and I asked her to help.

SME: How did that work out? Did your vision of it coincide from the beginning? Or were there some heated debates?

Jennifer: Definitely heated debates....kind of. It took longer than a normal manuscript because we had to go back and forth so much.

SME: Oh, I'm sure. I argue enough with myself. I couldn't imagine having a co-author into the mix.

Jennifer: Good thing we're related. We knew we would have to see each other for family get-togethers so we had to be civil.

Stephonie: I have always said that this was Jenn's baby. And despite writing my emotions into the story I had decided a long time ago to defer to her. I might argue for or against something, but in the end it was up to her what was actually going to happen.
Jenn wrote a really good blog post about what it was like to co-author.

SME: So could one or both of you give a quick blurb of your book, Mark of Royalty?

Jennifer: 17 year old Sarah Benavente knows little about her mysterious past and absolutely nothing about the monumental secret that her mother is hiding. When Tragedy strikes, Sarah is left to discover that secret for herself. Suddenly Sarah finds herself caught between two men and their fight for the crown.

SME: Niiiice!

Jennifer: Sarah must figure out what her mother really intended for her by discovering the hidden events of her past.

Stephonie: It has political twists, sinister plans, a battle for the crown. It's a sweet romance. Sort of fairytale-ish.

SME: And might I say, I cheered out loud when I first heard from Jennifer that we were soon to have another sweet historical romance on shelves. I am a huge fan of historical romances that I can read without feeling the need to scrub my brain clean afterward!

Stephonie: LOL I soooo know what you mean!!! Out here in Iowa it is harder to figure out if a book is safe to pick up and read.

SME: Alright. Random question ('cause let's face it, those are pretty much the only questions I ever ask): Do either of you have a favorite "writing food." A snack you keep near at hand while you're writing?

Jennifer: Nope. I can't eat and write. Sometimes I pick strange writing places where food wouldn't be allowed.

Stephonie: Ummmm Not really. When I write I am pretty involved. I don't usually have a snack nearby. Maybe a glass of water, but nothing really.

Jennifer: I like to write in the sauna and my chocolate would melt.

Stephonie: Jenn, I didn't know that. Doesn't your paper get all crinkly?

Jennifer: Only when I sweat on it.

SME: Holy canoli. If you two could bottle the "I don't eat while I write thing" you could market it to writers and make a fortune!

Jennifer: Really, writing could be the next diet fad.

SME: Except you are the only writers I've ever talked to who don't mindlessly down empty calories while they write. It's genius, really. I ask this question every interview... What's your favorite continent?

Stephonie: I knew you were going to ask this, and I considered saying I was an Island girl... But I can't lie. Mine is North America. I love the space, the diversity in the landscape, the big cities the teeny tiny towns.

Jennifer: Antarctica...Just kidding. North America, of course. Although I do fantasize about Europe, and I do have a soft spot for Asia because I spent 2 weeks in Korea last year.

SME: Believe it or not, Jennifer, Antarctica has been chosen before. By my crazy sister.

Stephonie: You have a crazy sister too?!?!?!
SME: Wow. Are you gonna take that, Jennifer?

Jennifer: Wow! I have a crazy sister too.

Stephonie: She is always telling me "All the best people are you know!"

SME: Crazy sisters are, quite frankly, the very best kind.

Jennifer: Agreed.
Stephonie: Is your crazy sister pushy too?

Jennifer: Mine is.

SME: Am I going to have to separate you two?

Jennifer: I would prefer a set of boxing gloves and a ring.

SME: Perhaps your next book can involve a little sibling pugilism. Just a suggestion.

Jennifer: We'd definitely have experience to back that up. Just kidding. I love you, Steph.

Stephonie: Actually, Jenn and I work really really well together. There are things I am good at and where I falter Jenn picks up and flies with it. That's how we got our music video done, how we got the book done, how we picked our publisher, and how we edited it.

SME: Well, my newest Friday friends, I have a fantabulous portrait for y'all. Wanna see?

Stephonie: I would LOVE to!!!!

Jennifer: Yes.

*draws a mind-blowingly amazing portrait*

Jennifer: Wow! How did you know that Steph was taller than me? This is incredibly accurate.

SME: Hahaha. As I was drawing it I thought, I wonder if Stephonie really is the taller sister.

Stephonie: Oooh I got red shoes! I've always wanted a pair of red shoes I tend to go extremely conservative ... black. Always black shoes.

SME: Stephonie--I own a pair of unbelievable strappy red shoes. They are among my favs! I wore them to the 2008 Whitney Awards banquet. I felt very fashionable

Jennifer: Did you click the heels together to take you back home?

SME: I tried and it didn't work. Talk about being disillusioned.

Jennifer: I hate it when reality interferes.
Have you ever had a stick figure done of you, Sarah?

SME: I drew a self-portrait when I interviewed myself. It was fabulous.

Stephonie: I would like to read that interview.

Jennifer: I have a portrait for you. ----->

SME: Oh. My. Word. A-Mazing! If I could get my hands on those shoes you drew, I would wear them every single day. I might even be 5' tall in those shoes!

Jennifer: I love those shoes. I actually made a pair for my daughter so she could be tall enough to ride the Indiana Jones ride in Disney Land. You should have seen the worker when she pulled up my daughter's pants and looked that those 5 inch stilt shoes.

Stephonie: I have to say that I am really looking forward tomorrow. I can't wait to see you in Regency costume.

SME: Oh. I'm gonna totally bust it out in my Regency Garb!!! Watch out!! Well, I guess that brings us to the final question of the interview. Top 5 reasons this is the best blog interview you ever done. Ready. Go.

Jennifer: 1. This is our first internet interviews…so that can't be beat.

Stephonie: 2. It was -YOU-! How awesome is it that our first interview also happens to be the author with whom we'll share the book launch.

Jennifer: 3.Where else can I admit that I sweat when I write.

Stephonie: 4. Where else can two sisters argue with a mediator?

Jennifer: 5. We've been trying forever to get a decent portrait together.

Stephonie: Yes! Portrait for the win!

SME: I even got a portrait out of it! It's a win-win-win situation! Well, ladies. Thanks so much for joining us for INFF. I can't wait to see you both at what I am calling "The Party of the Century"!

Stephonie: It is going to be fantastic!!!

Jennifer: Thanks! See you tomorrow!

Stephonie: Thank you so very much for inviting us! It has been great!

SME: *cue exit music* Well, this has been "I Need Friends" Friday. Come back next week when I will make another friend!!

If you'd like to be interviewed for "I Need Friends" Friday, shoot me off an email: friends at sarahmeden dot com!
I am looking for anyone and everyone, whether or not you think you are interesting. You'll get a fantastic stick figure portrait of yourself, a little promotion (if you're looking for that sort of thing) and the opportunity to tell your friends and family that you've been interviewed by SME, er... by ME!


Angie said...

Love the portraits. I hope you all have a super time at the book launch. I'd be there, but I'm going away with my sweetheart to celebrate our anniversary. Congrats to all of you, though!

Swicks said...

...this crazy sister keeps lending out your books and never gets them back! sooo i bought yet another book yeasterday at the bookstore! :D

mormonhermitmom said...

Nice! Good luck to you all on your book launch!

Michele Holmes said...

Sounds like a great book (sigh). Now I'm going to have to buy that one tomorrow too. So much for being good with the budget this month!

Rachel Rossano said...

I wish I could meet you all at the book launch. Great interview! Great pictures! Just great all around. :)

Canda said...

How fun! Costumes at the book launch. I'll be there to get my hands on both books.

Taffy said...

Love the pics! Writing with no food...hmmmm...
I wish I could be at the book launch with you three ladies!

kbrebes said...

Hilarious! : )


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