Friday, November 12, 2010

A Book From Childhood

So, I Need Friends Friday is still under quarantine, though I am feeling a little less like death is imminent. I will have an interview next week--hoorah! But, in order to make sure y'all have ample opportunity to enter November's Giveaway, I'm posing a question:

What Book Do You Remember From Childhood?
(This could be a book you loved, one you were forced to read and couldn't stand, or just one that has stuck with you for no particular reason.)

One I particularly remember was Dr. Seuss' "The Butter Battle Book." I cannot say it was my favorite of his books. Like all of Dr. Seuss' work it had fabulous meter and creative writing. The illustrations were fun.

What stuck with me, was the ending. Why? Because there isn't one. The book ends on a complete cliff-hanger. As a child I couldn't stand that. "The book has to have an end," I remember thinking.

As an adult, I can look back on the story and realize that the un-ending was a stroke of complete genius.

To this day I sometimes think of "The Butter Battle Book" and wonder what would have happened next had Dr. Seuss written just one more page. And that lingering wonder was no accident. Dr. Seuss wanted the reader to think about it and to keep thinking about it long after walking away from this short, sometimes silly little book. By pondering it and really thinking through what it is about, we find the true meaning in it. He found a way to get his message to his readers without being preachy or pushy, without even telling them what he wanted them to take away from it. He lets us connect the dots by leaving the final dot out.

Genius. Complete and utter genius.

So.... What book do you remember from your childhood? Why?

Answer in the comments and be entered into November's fab giveaway (a gift card to LUSH)!

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T.J. said...

The Sneetches! It is by far my favorite Dr. Seuss story. I've loved it's message and am so happy to own the book and have the cartoon done on DVD. It's more for my kids ;)

Marielle Carlisle said...

I loved reading "The Ordinary Princess." It's about a young princess who is simply ordinary, not graceful and gorgeous like her older sisters. I'll still read it every once and a while.

Katherine said...

Fanny's Dream! I loved this book and I love the message in this book that you can be happy no matter the circumstances. This is a wonderful book and I still love reading it.

Kim Coates said...

I don't think I've read the Butter Battle Book yet. I'll have to check it out for my kidlets.

I remember Charlotte's Web. But it's probably been since I was a child that I've read it. I'll have to pull that one out too!

Valerie Ipson said...

"The Sneetches" is a personal fav! Oh, and "Let Papa Sleep."


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