Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Walkabout Wednesday: Your Last Chance to Win September's Fabulous Prize

It's Wednesday. Let's go walkabout.

(I'm bringing along a few of my mates as I wander through the vast wilderness of the publishing industry, learning the ins and outs, and having a grand adventure.)

Walkabout, Week 57:

<----Remember how I'm giving away something fantastic this month?

Remember how all you have to do to be entered into the drawing is...

-comment on a September post
-mention the giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, etc.
-answer the question posed at the end of the post found HERE
-um... that's all the ways

Remember how excited you are to win?

This will be the last post of the month, so get those comments and entries in (pssssttt... you have to tell me if you posted a link/mentioned the giveaway somewhere because I tend to miss even really obvious things) then come back here on Friday for...

*the announcement of September's prize winner
*a fantastic installment of I Need Friends Friday
*the announcement of October's amazing prize (FYI, Oct's prize rhymes with schmocolate!!!)

(ignore "Read More!")---->


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