Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Help Pick the Title of my Next Book!!

My fantastic publisher is holding a survey right this very minute about the possible title of my book scheduled to come out next year. Only one question, no wrong answers.... and a sneak peek at the book!! Check it out!

AND... I am going to be teaching a class at the Utah Valley University Book Academy Writers Conference in September. You can learn more about the conference here.

See y'all tomorrow for Walkabout Wednesday!


Kimberly said...


And may I once again complain about your books' lack of availability in Canada?

Whine whine. Pout pout.

Melanie J said...

The Accidental Wife. Totally.

Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

Ooh, I know—Kissin' Crispin.

Let me guess, that's how you submitted it, isn't it.


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