Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chat With 2 Fabulous Authors--Tonight!

Would you like to rub virtual shoulders with two fantastic authors?

You are in luck. Tonight at 8pm US-EDT, the Sweetest Romance Authors will hold their monthly chat at their blog and we have two amazing guest authors--Janette Rallison and Donna Hatch!

Here's the instructions for the scavenger hunt:

Pay close attention, because I set this up wrong. (Oops) I'll give you the blogs you need to go to, but note that the links between the other two are not there. (Again, oops) You might want to write down the words you find on the other blogs so you can remember what they were.

THE QUESTION: What 3 things are sweet romance authors particularly good at?

You'll find one of the three words in RED in the most recent posts on the following blogs:

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