Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May's Winner and THREE more Giveaways... Whaaaaat?!

First things first, the winner of May's super-secret giveaway (a copy of Janette Rallison's "My Double Life"), as selected by Random.org from amongst the many, many entries, is...

Elizabeth Morgan
(send me an email - click on the "contact me!" tab - with your address so I can send you your fabulous prize!)

Now, on to the joy that is the summer giveaway season. I will not be hosting monthly giveaways this summer. Try to not be completely depressed. You see, I'm not doing my usual giveaways because I am participating in 3 giveaways this month and I am pretty sure I would fall over dead from sheer giveaway overload if I tried to keep track of any others any time soon.

I know, all you heard in all that was "blah, blah, blah, giveaway, blah, blah, blah, dead" and now you're really confused. I'll lay it out for you nice and simple. Here are the fabulous giveaways I am part of along with links and details:

  • LDS Women's Book Review Countdown to Summer 2010 - LDSWBR will highlight a different author & book throughout the month of June and at pleasantly pleasing intervals will giveaway books. My day is June 9th! I'll remind everyone when my day comes along so you can run over and win a copy of Courting Miss Lancaster. But check it out on other days as well, because there is a lot to win over there!
  • Chasing Twilight: the Countdown to Eclipse Virtual Road Trip to Forks Twilight Trivia Contest - Funtastic daily prizes will be given away every day June 1st to July 3rd, with multiple ways to enter each day. Additionally, a fabulous grand prize is up for grabs! My day is June 18th! I'm giving away Twilight Saga-themed gift box, which includes chocolate, jewelery and a book--three of my favorite things! And, of course, I'll remind you as that day gets closer. But, like I said before, don't limit yourself to June 18th--there are some great prizes in this contest as well!
  • The 2010 Summer Treasure Hunt - An entire month (and then some) of daily giveaways! My day is June 29th! Yep, I'll remind you. And, yep, you should go there every day because the list of prizes goes on and on and on!
Are you feeling better now? Are you excited and ready to go win fabulous prizes? Good. Because I'm going to go take a nap.

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Kimberly said...

I am trying not to pout. Mostly? I am being unsuccessful. Congrats Elizabeth!


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