Thursday, April 1, 2010

March's Winner and April's Giveaway Prize!!!

March's Winner

It's been a great month, hasn't it?
  • The Holiday of Coolness.
  • "Courting Miss Lancaster" made its debut.
  • I didn't die of pneumonia. (Trust me. That makes the list.)
  • Over 200 entries in March's giveaway. 200!!

A big ol' muchas gracias to the folks over at for giving me a great deal of credibility and relieving me of the stress of attempting to randomize these drawings.

The winner is.... Aubrey Mace! Um... you are pretty much the luckiest person ever. I mean, c'mon. An INFF t-shirt. Who has one of those? You do!!

April's Giveaway Prize

Okay. This is me: "April's prize is going to be... April Fools!!"
This is you: "What?"
Me again: "I'm not telling."
You: "That's lame."
Me: "Hello. This is me. I'm always lame."
You: "Pretty much."
Me: "Wait... what?"

This month's prize is a big ol' mystery. Why? Because it is that cool!!! No, really. It's uh-may-zing!!

Get your guesses in, leave comments and stay tuned for clues. Anyone who can guess ahead of time (though I'm not going to tell you if you're right) will receive five extra entries! Count 'em FIVE!

You'll want to enter. Trust me. No, really. Trust me.
More than once.

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Aubrey said...

Oh. My. Heck.

I really AM the luckiest person in the world! An INFF t-shirt is pretty much the most coveted prize on this blog. I am BEYOND thrilled and I will cherish it always!

Shantel said...

I know! I know! The April prize is one of your famous massages! You have famous massages right?

Krista said...

Umm, is it one of your fabulous portraits? Because that would be fantasmagorical.

Jewel said...

I can't even guess. But I'll enter!! Over and over and over again!!

sweetvictorya said...

A collection of your art from INFF.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

I'm looking forward to reading your book- it looks so good!

Also, I must agree. Writers are not normal. It's our lot in life. ;-)

Amie said...

A copy of Seeking Persephone? It couldn't get better than that.

Elizabeth Morgan said...

I think you would give out a copy of one of your books because what could be better than reading your books. They are so amazing.

Erica said...

Hmmm... I think the most uh-maz-ing gift would be the whole collection of Sarah's books. That's my guess.

mormonhermitmom said...

It's an "e-book" of CNL! Isn't it? It isn't? Oh I'm crushed. but I'm hopeful too. WHAT is it!

Taffy said...

I think the prize must be: dark chocolate, bath salts, a regency romance book and signed art work of Sarah Eden.

Jenny said...

I know, I know, you're going to cook dinner for my family? Clean my bathroom? Do a load of laundry? Fantasy? Yes, but you have to admit it would be a GREAT prize! :)

Christa Johnson said...

I guess the most amazing prize would be belly button lint!!! Wait, that is just amazingly weird. But I would be the only person to guess right.
(Secretly, I am hoping it is a copy of your awesome books!)
Christa Johnson

brenda said...

I'm hope hope hoping it's a copy of Seeking Persephone,....because it's your only book I haven't been able to get my hands on!!! (I RRRREALLLY loved Courting Miss Lancaster, by the by)!

msdarcy said...

I would LOVE to win Seeking Persephone! I loved Courting Miss Lancaster soooo much!


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