Thursday, March 11, 2010

We have a winner, folks!!

I have taken a break from the Dance of Joy so that I could share with you a fantastic bit of news.

Courting Miss Lancaster has been spotted in the wild. That's right--the book has hit store shelves.

My good buddy (do you like how she's my new best friend?!) Tanja was the first to send me a photo. She even took the assignment a step further and did a photo op with 2 copies!---->

Tanja wins the "fabulous prize" and the right to be the only person who knows what that prize is (except for me). Maybe if you're really, really nice to her, she'll tell you what she got! (Although I will tell you this--part of the prize is that Tanja gets 5 extra entries into March's giveaway!)

PS--Don't you love her hat?!?!

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Tanja said...

Love that the picture made it to your blog-wait not really. You have to know this was taken with a camera phone by a deseret book employee, who pretty much thought I was on drugs. I can't wait to find out what the secret prize is and of course we are friends. Now when you have to go into hiding because you don't want to be my friend anymore I will understand.
I just feel guilty winning. Amie has gone to deseret book, a 20 minute drive, every morning this week. I offered to do it for her today and here I go winning. I am most definitely sharing with my pal. Thanks

ps-my favorite hat. It is my I didn't do my hair today hat. I wear it a lot.

Annette Lyon said...


Krista said...

Woohoo! Look at those beautiful books!

L.T. Elliot said...

How fun! Congrats to both you and Tanja! Looking forward to the launch party.

Karlene said...

I went into my Seagull every day this week. Still no books. BUt that's okay. I'll get mine at your launch!

Queen of Chaos said...

So cool! It must feel great to see your book on store shelves -that someone else published! ;)

I have read almost all your books, Sarah and LOVE them. I'm very excited for "Courting Miss Lancaster"!

Have a ball tonight at the triple launch party! I would be there if I could. I'm actually bummed I can't.

So, you may not remember me, but I was in your stake here in Phoenix. My name is Autumn Weber. {Maybe if you saw me you'd recognize me.} The cool thing is we are moving to Utah too {Spanish Fork} the end of this month. :)
I'm writing my first novel.
I'll be a Storymakers too. I'll come say hi.

Oh, BTW... LOVED what you and your hubby did with Brother Joseph!

abby said...

that is so exciting, sarah! i really really hope i can get my hands on a copy when i'm back in the states.

Shantel said...

I am very happy for you Sarah! Thank you for sharing all the good news around. You have such a gift for uplifting others. I'll do a little dance for you in my kitchen this morning....there it did it!

Sarah M Eden said...

You are a good sport Tanja!!

Thanks everyone for the congrats and good wishes.

Autumn--I'm excited to see you at Storymakers! (Wasn't "Brother Joseph" amazing?!--shout out to Shantel!)

Heather Justesen said...

Isn't that first sighting in the stores the coolest thing ever? Very cool!

Amie said...

I am so glad that the book is finally here! We enjoyed the book signing. I finished the book late last night and it did not disappoint! I was alittle worried at the beginning of the book that Adam would be misunderstood. He was an awesome part of the story. Thanks for writing a wonderful story! I hope there will be many more.


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