Friday, March 19, 2010

I Need Friends Friday: Ginny Miller, aka "Mom"

It's that time of the week:

(Every Friday I interview a different person and share that interview with you. Perhaps they will be a fellow-author. Perhaps one of my neighbors. Maybe the bagger at the grocery store. A member of my family. A follower of this blog. Maybe it will be you! Hey, it could happen.)

Today's guest is Ginny Miller. Ginny's awesomeness defies description. I will attempt to convey the magnitude of her coolness in three words: She's my mom!

In the words of every person to ever appear in a camera shot of a televised sporting event: "Hi Mom!"

SME: Welcome to INFF!

Mom: I'm excited to be here. *manages to squeal in unfettered excitement*

SME: Because you are my favorite mother, today's INFF is going to have a "My Favorite Things" theme.

Mom: Good job.

SME: Thanks, Mom.

Mom: A mom has to encourage her children, you know. Always. So they feel encouraged. A mother's job is never done.

SME: I feel very encouraged, thank you. What is your favorite candy bar?

Mom: Mounds. It's very difficult to find you know, which makes it even better when you have them.

SME: The scarcity drives up demand thing, right.

Mom: *laughs*

SME: I was thinking fondly of our pie fest days at grandma's house every Thanksgiving and reflecting on the copious amounts of pumpkin pie I always ate. Which of Grandma's pies was your fav?

Mom: Definitely the chocolate--the one with the little curly shaved chocolate on top. A chocolate theme runs through my life.

SME: It runs through INFF, too.
What's your favorite continent?

Mom: North America, because I'm too afraid to leave.

SME: Um, yeah. We kids remember well your reason for not wanting to leave the cruise ship to go see the sights in Mexico: "What if I die?"

Mom: It could happen.

SME: I guess. Okay, more "favorites" questions. Which of your kids was your favorite? (heehee)

Mom: Well, on the day you were born you were my favorite because I was so happy to be done with that pregnancy.

SME: I'm pretty sure I heard as a kid that you cried with joy when you heard another baby (me) was on the way.

Mom: *laughs* That's right. And cried and cried and cried.

SME: Okay, let me try this approach. Who is your favorite author of regency era romance novels?

Mom: You by far!! Good job.

SME: Yeah, more mom encouragement.

Mom: You know you can be anything you want to be.

SME: Got it. Tell us truthfully, I was the perfect child, huh?

Mom: *a long, worrisome pause* After the age of 6 you were the perfect child.

SME: Perhaps we shouldn't revisit those first 6 years.

Mom: No. There are too many witnesses to make it possible to lie about it.

SME: In honor of the week of the Holiday of Coolness, I have a brand new game--"The Game of Coolness."

Mom: I've never played a game of coolness. So this is extra cool.

SME: I will ask you three trivia questions about the world's coolest holiday. Answer them correctly and you will be crowned INFF champion for the day.

Mom: Aaah!

SME: Mom, you can play any game you want to play.

Mom: Sometimes daughters need to encourage their mothers. I seem to require a lot of that.

SME: I'm here for you. Question #1: What is a Leprechaun's job in the fairy world?
a.) Investment Banker

b.) Tax collector
c.) Author
d.) Shoemaker
hint: Authors don't make enough money to have a pot of gold.

Mom: Can't you tell your mother the answers so that she will get them all correct? They have a pot of gold so they must have something to do with money.

SME: Unless I just threw in 2 money-related jobs just to throw you off. *winks in an obvious fashion and nods emphatically*

Mom: d. Shoemaker

SME: *speaks dryly* It's a miracle. You got it right.
Question #2: Which of the following St. Patrick's Day occurrences would be considered the most significant by discerning people?
a.) The Coasters recorded "Yakety Yak." in 1958
b.) Future author of fantastic Regency romances, Sarah M. Eden, was born!
c.) Bishop Patrick, who would later become St. Patrick, died in Saul, Ireland in the year 461 AD.
d.) The postage stamp canceling machine patent was issued in the late 19th Century.

Mom: I don't know, D is pretty significant.

SME: Nice.

Mom: No, it's definitely B. I am a discerning person, you know.

SME: That's why I asked you. Last question: Kissing the Blarney Stone is supposed to give a person what?
a.) Swine Flu
b.) A really bad taste in their mouth.
c.) the gift of gab
d.) a great photo op

Mom: It's the gift of gab. You have always had the gift of gab.

SME: And yet, I never kissed a rock. Another INFF miracle. You got three out of three correct. That makes you the INFF champion!!! *green streamers and ballons float down in celebration*

Mom: I've been dreaming of this day. Good job, Sarah.

SME: I feel very encouraged. So encouraged, in fact, that I'm going to take you to the INFF Portrait gallery to view your very own portrait.

*draws an extremely realistic and talent-laden portrait*

SME: Tuh-duh!

Mom: Where's the Mounds bar?

SME: Encouragement, Mom. Remember?

Mom: Great portrait, Sarah. It really is.

SME: Gee, thanks!

Mom: Your drawing skills are improving with each portrait. It still would be nice with a Mounds bar.

SME: Next time, I promise.
That brings us to the final question of the interview. Top 5 reasons this is the best blog interview you've ever done. Ready. Go.

Mom: 1. I got to do it on your couch in slippers in a snuggie.
2. I've never been on a blog before. I don't know if I know how to be on a blog.
3. I got to remember some of our favorite things. *sings "My Favorite Things"*
4. I got to view your entire portrait gallery in person.
5. Thinking about Mounds bars always brings joy. Not Almond Joy, just joy.

SME: Awesome.

Mom: Good job, Sarah.

SME: Thanks for being my INFF friend and the mother who birthed me.

Mom: It was a pleasure. *laughs*

SME: *cue exit music* Well, this has been "I Need Friends" Friday. Come back next week when I will make another friend!!

If you'd like to be interviewed for "I Need Friends" Friday, shoot me off an email: friends at sarahmeden dot com!
I am looking for anyone and everyone, whether or not you think you are interesting. You'll get a fantastic stick figure portrait of yourself, a little promotion (if you're looking for that sort of thing) and the opportunity to tell your friends and family that you've been interviewed by SME, er... by ME!

(My mom gets 2 extra entries in February's giveaway if her interview receives 5 or more comments!!)

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Janice said...

Wow, what an awesome interview! I could just visualize your mom giving her answers. Good job Sarah!

Aubrey said...

Your mom sounds a little like my mom, especially the part about not wanting to leave the country. :)

Swicks said...

mom.... in a snuggie.... in jail.... with Liz.

Aimee said...

Awww, I miss your Mom. She was such a great substitute mom at Young Women's camp. She also shares the love of Mounds bars with my Mom. Hi Sister Miller!!!

Jennifer said...

Hi Sister Miller

Shantel said...

You mom IS very funny. That was very cute and fun to read.

Kim said...

I did not know that the Leprechaun's job was a shoemaker. I would have got that wrong!

As far as the perfectness of your childhood, Sarah, I didn't think it was possible! Can a teenage girl really claim such a thing? I certainly didn't give my mom that gift, so yours is one lucky lady! :)

mormonhermitmom said...

That is so sweet!

Machelle said...

I love you Ginny, you make me smile REAL big. Nice interview and very Ginny like. I would be afraid to be interviewed. HA HA HA (laughing hysterically)

I just found SME's bloggity blog on Wednesday. I am almost done reading it at (shhh) work. Hi Sarah, nice to meet you.

Melanie J said...

Your mom is as funny as advertised.

Krista said...

Very fun! Made me miss my mom! I need to giver her a call. It was nice meeting you, Sister Miller!

Grandma Nadeoui said...

Your Mom is an awesome lady and although I cannot share her love of chocolate, I do share her love of you! (your very cool mother-in-law)

Alli said...

Your Mom Rocks, Sarah. Nice one!

Annette Lyon said...

It's clear where you get your awesomeness from. (See? I'm learning--ENCOURAGEMENT.)

Your mom is terrific--it was great meeting her at the launch.

M. Gray said...

I agree with Annette. She sounds just like you. :)

Karlene said...

Moms are wonderful people. :)

Ashleigh said...

I love it.

Elizabeth Morgan said...

Your mom sounds like an awesome person.

L.T. Elliot said...

Your mom is the coolest! =D


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