Monday, March 1, 2010

A Hunting Expedition, February's Winner and the Start of March's Giveaway!

A Hunting Expedition

It's March 1st! Do you know what that means? "Courting Miss Lancaster" could hit store shelves any day now. So... I'm sending y'all on a hunting expedition. Here are your instructions:

  1. Keep your eyes open next time you're in a Deseret Bookstore or Seagull Bookstore.
  2. The first person to spot a copy of "Courting Miss Lancaster" on a store bookshelf and send me a picture of it (sarah [at] sarahmeden [dot] com) wins a super spectacular prize!
  3. Am I going to tell you what that spectacular prize is? Hmm... Nope.

February's Giveaway Winner

February racked up more than 160 entries! Holy canoli, people. You rock my socks! selected February's winner from among all the entries and chose: Krista!
Krista, send me an email (sarah [at] sarahmeden [dot] com) so I can send you your autographed copy of "Courting Miss Lancaster"!

March's Contest Begins

Starting today, you can enter March's giveaway to win a fabulous "I Need Friends Friday" t-shirt!!

How to enter:

(ignore "


Krista said...

Really??? Really????? I just signed up for the giveaway at Joyce's blog a couple of hours ago... AND I tried to find your books online THIS MORNING! I. AM. GRINNING! Thank You! Wow. *childlike giggle*

Amie said...

I am sick and have a fever. I stayed far back when I asked the Deseret Book employee if they had received any copies of your book. She looked it up on her computer and it said that it would not be available till the 20th!!!!!! Then I explained that you had book signings scheduled. Are you bringing books to sell at your book signing or are you just signing hands?

Sarah M Eden said...

I'm not sure what the exact status is, Amie. I certainly hope it arrives before the 20th! I know there were some problems with the printer, but I hadn't heard it was that far behind. If I hear anything definitive I'll let you know!!

Amie said...

Thanks. I am just dying to get my hands on one. I will go anywhere within reason to pick up a copy. We will be at your first book signing to get a copy. I have also held off on getting a friend a birthday present so I could give her your book. It will be late but worth it.

Krista said...

Sarah, where in the world can I find Seeking Persephone? I have searched online and have come up empty. I am sure if I lived in Utah I could find it on any corner DB. I'll still keep looking, but if you have any ideas, give me a shout. Thanks!

L.T. Elliot said...

Fun stuff around here! Congratulations, Krista! (Lots of awesome stuff happening with Krista too. She just won with one of her short stories!)

Sarah M Eden said...

Actually, Krista, "Seeking Persephone" is out of print, as are all my other books. There is a possibility that they will be rereleased and while that possibility is a possibility (how many times can I use the word "possibility" in one post? everyone play along!) they are not available for purchase. Sorry!!
((For those of you keeping track, that was 4 times--some kind of record, I'm sure.))

Tanja said...

I was hoping you would sign my arm. Who needs a book? Oh wait, we can't wait until we can get your book. Sorry for the printing problems.

Krista said...

Well that would explain why someone is trying to sell them for $45-$65 at Amazon. Our library carries very few LDS authors, but I will ask. Thanks for the explanation! And thanks, L.T.!

buddyt said...

I signed up for the giveaway at Joyce DiPastena's blog but In case you don't see the question I am interested in your opinion of the "mash-Ups" that have been appearing on so many of Jane Austen's books.


buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

Sarah M Eden said...

Carol (I left this same comment on Joyce's blog)--
I think by "mash ups," you're referring to the new versions of JA's novels that are adjusted to include various horror-flick monsters. I, personally, think these "reinventions" are brilliantly hilarious ideas. Having said that, a true Austen fan absolutely has to look at them as a gag, which is the way I think they were intended to be taken. Taking them as a serious attempt to improve Jane Austen's work by commissioning zombies to interrupt Elizabeth and Darcy's romance would be almost offensive.
I take it as good-natured satire and get quite a kick out of it. (Hey, if nothing else, it might get some guys to read Jane Austen!)
I, of course, still far prefer the originals!

Amie said...

Krista- If you can find Seeking Persephone for $45-$65 it is well worth it! You can enjoy reading it and then turn around and sell it, or let family and friends read it. I won't even mail my copy to my sister in Arizona for fear that the mail might lose it!

Sarah M Eden said...

Wow. Amie love me. In fact, she loves me more than I love me. I'm not sure I would pay $45 for a copy of one of my books.

Thanks, new-best-friend Amie!!

Amie said...

Now you know how bad I want a copy of Courting Miss Lancaster! There are people out there a lot crazier than I am. I attended a little event called "Project Book Babe" down in Arizona and had the delusion that I might bid on some of the things auctioned off. Let me tell you...I would be divorced and sold into slavery if I had won any of those bids! But, $45-$65? Well worth a great read.


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