Monday, February 22, 2010

Sarah Throws Off Everyone's Groove!

Don't panic! I know what you're thinking--"Sarah is blogging on a Monday?! Does this unprecedented occurence signal the beginning of the end of the world? Will chaos now reign? Must I question every assumption I have ever made about life and the universe?"
Like I said, Don't panic! I just had stuff to say and figured, "Geepers, it's my website. I'll post when I want to post." And then I wondered about the word geepers. Who says that? Apparently I do, but only in flashbacks of thought processes I've had regarding posts on my blog. But I digress.

I just wanted to share a couple cool things with you and I figured you wouldn't mind if I messed up my own schedule in order to do so.

Other-People's-Books News
Knowing that a lot of you are readers, I thought I'd let you know about a fellow author with a book out that you might enjoy. It's historical fiction set in the early years of the United States. What the heck, how about a neat-o book hook:
They were the first generation of American-born citizens, charged to build a nation upon the framework of their Founding Fathers. When their Democracy was challenged once again, they picked up their muskets and went to war. They were farmers and mothers; entrepreneurs, visionaries and religionists; unprepared for the fight they faced.
"Dawn's Early Light," L.C. Lewis' 3rd book in her "Free Men and Dreamers" series, is out now and if you like US history or historical fiction, you should check it out. In the spirit of full disclosure I should tell you I haven't read the book but I know the author through the vast writer's pipeline. (One of these days I'm gonna play the "5-degrees of Separation" game on this blog and show you just how easily authors can be connected to one another--It's exceptionally frightening.)

Anyway... check out Dawn's Early Light at LC Lewis' website.

My Books News
I'm actually not allowed to tell you the big, big, big news about "Courting Miss Lancaster," but I'm dying to!! Maybe in time for Walkabout Wednesday. Perhaps I'll write on Tuesday and really throw off the Universe's Groove. Hard to say. But I'm having to force myself not to tell everyone!
Okay--I can't stand it. I'm just gonna tell you:

Sorry, after I typed it I had to erase, 'cause I'm really not allowed to say anything yet. Sorry. But, hey, I feel a little better.

(ignore "


Aubrey said...

Not fair!

mormonhermitmom said...

You are such a tease!

M. Gray said...

I *love* learning about the fight the early colonists of our nation fought. Getting to visit to Williamsburg and Valley Forge near my home has been so fun.

Can't wait to hear your news!!

Krista said...

Aaah! You're killing me.

Valerie Ipson said...

We won't get our groove back till you tell us the news!

Anna said...

Haha. I was checking the blogs that I've bookmarked. As I was clicking on yours, I though "she only blogs on Wed/Fri." But I clicked anyway.


Terresa said...

Just saw your post on MMB and hopped over here. Looking forward to hearing more about your big news!

PS: I'll be attending LDStorymakers this year, too (as a 1st timer, be gentle). ;)

Ashleigh said...

Boo! So mean :)

Sarah M Eden said...

Welcome, Terresa!

Horray for coming to Storymakers--as two redheads, we're pretty much bound to run into one another, right?!


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