Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Walkabout Wednesday... What Are You Doing This Friday?

It's Wednesday. Let's go walkabout.

(I'm bringing along a few of my mates as I wander through the vast wilderness of the publishing industry, learning the ins and outs, and having a grand adventure.)

Walkabout, Week 19:

Before I get to Friday...
  • My computer seems to have made something of a miraculous recovery. I have been able to reattach all of li'l Byron's keys except for the letter "i." Some diligent research led to a neat-o trick for getting rid of the error message and the subsequent "blacking out." Everyone knock on wood and cross their fingers.
  • My busted-up finger has also improved this week. I can bend it almost all the way without wincing too noticeably. Only a little bruising remains. Wahoo!!
  • The kids not only feel better but are back in school. (That's right, I sneaked them in the back door at their new school!!)
  • I'm not 100% recovered, but am loads better than I was.
Whew! So glad I gave y'all that update. I could feel the collective anxiety building out in cyberspace and the pressure that put on me was nearly unbearable. *wipes brow*

Okay. So, Friday....

No, wait. One more thing to share first: On Monday I am making an earth-shattering announcement about changes coming to! Well, maybe not earth-shattering, but pretty cool, I think. Don't worry, the essential things aren't changing.
  • I'll still be a goofy moron
  • Walkabout Wednesday will still be coma-inducingly boring
  • INFF isn't going anywhere (unless I don't get more people to volunteer to be interviewed. Hint, hint. HINT!!)
  • Just cool changes, I promise!
Alright. Friday!

I have more-or-less emerged from my state of blissful numbness following my I Need Friends Friday interview with Edward Cullen. I have pondered in the weeks since that extremely exclusive interview the advice I received from Edward (did I mention we're on a first name basis now?) on another interview I've been hoping to conduct.
I pulled a few strings, made a few phone calls and am about to share with you yet another total hook-up in the world of interviews.
So, prepare yourselves Team Jacob. This Friday, everyone's favorite werewolf will be in da house!!!


Anna said...

I love your posts. They make me smile. :)

Joyce DiPastena said...

Oz from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"? You've booked him? Really??? Oh, sorry, you meant Jacob, didn't you. Boy, am I showing my age!


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