Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Walkabout Wednesday... News and WINNERS!

It's Wednesday. Let's go walkabout.

(I'm bringing along a few of my mates as I wander through the vast wilderness of the publishing industry, learning the ins and outs, and having a grand adventure.)

Walkabout, Week 15:

The week started out pretty quite on the book end of things. ("Book end." Get it? It's a pun.) Not much was happening. Then yesterday I got an email from my editor--wow, it's amazing how much I still enjoy saying those two words together--asking that I send him an in-depth description of my hero and heroine as well as information on costuming because the graphics department was arranging a photo shoot for the cover of Courting Miss Lancaster !!

A photo shoot! I'm picturing enormous fans blowing on two people in costume, making their hair blow while a photographer is yelling things like "Work it!" and "Fab, darling! Fab!" And a lackey is running around providing everyone with premium bottled water. And someone is wearing a beret. I don't know why, but there's a beret.

Being the responsible author that I am, I took the assignment to heart and provided my editor--giggling in glee--with a very in-depth reply. Do you think in-depth means "doctoral dissertation?" 'Cause that's what I sent.

Very, very, very fun. I can't wait to see the cover!!

Now... the winners of the contest. What? You thought I was just going to post them right here. Pshaw. Click on "Read More!" to find out who the lucky two are!

Winner #1, who receives a copy of Aubrey Mace's Santa Maybe... Marcia Mickleson

Winner #2, who receives a copy of Stolen Christmas and Other Stories of the Season, featuring Sarah M. Eden's short story "Stolen Christams"... Anna, who was comment #4 on Aubrey's blog!

Anna--shoot me off an email sarah (at) sarahmeden (dot) com with your mailing address and I will get you your prize right away. Marcia, you'll have to check in with Aubrey.


Melanie J said...

That is super cool about your cover. The Covenant beavers must have been very busy today because I got an email at lunch telling me my second manuscript was accepted. Yay! I tell you these things like we're friends, but really, we're both friends with Aubrey. But that counts so I guess I'll tell you anyway. I think this piece of good news is going to cause me some verbal vomit for a while.

Jewel said...

Aw. I never win. Pout. :(

But really? That's so exciting about the photo shoot!! I hope they turn out how I pictured them! (They never do, but I hope anyway!)


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