Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Walkabout... Part Four

It's Wednesday. Let's go walkabout.

(I'm bringing a long a few of my mates as I wander through the vast wilderness of the publishing industry, learning the ins and outs, and having a grand adventure.)

Walkabout, Week 4:

Hmm... What should we talk about today? I have not yet received my "list of death" from my editor. Lest you worry that my authorness is dying of boredom, I do have other projects to keep me busy in the meantime. I thought you might enjoy a little glimpse into how/where I work. Yes? Okay, if you insist.

Sometimes I work at my local library, sometimes at the desk in my home office (a really cluttered back bedroom), sometimes at the kitchen table. Lately, I've been at the table--mostly because I'm too lazy to change out of my pajamas, which means the Library is out, and I need a lot of room to spread out all my junk, so the desk in the back won't cut it, either.

Oh, yes, there's a picture. And a key.

A- The manuscript of one of my many works in progress, complete with markings indicating its many shortcomings and flaws. There are a lot of markings. It probably has a complex.
B- Water. It's hot around here.
C- My laptop, which I only use to do serious, dedicated writing and editing. Er... uh... ignore the solitaire. Obviously, my computer has some sort of virus.
D- My main source of nourishment. Cheetos make me very, very happy.
E- The 3-ring binder where I keep all my notes. And, um, highlighters in many bright colors. Happiness in a pen. Joy.
F- I also have a great many reference books written by authors who are a lot smarter than I am. These books explain, in very small words, most of the things I'm doing wrong. Very helpful. Very.

Wow. That was exceptionally boring. Welcome to the glamorous life of an author.

Yep, that's the ridgie didgie post. Hey, I never promised every walkabout would be a bonzer.

ps- Come back Friday for, I Need Friends Friday. You won't be sorry!


Tamara Hart Heiner said...

love the cheetos! gotta have them!

Heather B. Moore said...

Cheetos are always good, but unfortunately I've had to temporarily ban them from my house.

Jewel said...

So those are the tools of the trade, eh? Crikey! (just had to throw in the only Australian slang I knew).


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