Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This Crazy Journey I'm On... Part One

It's Wednesday. Let's go walkabout.

Wanna go on an adventure? You wanna? You wanna?

The last week has been a journey for me. Only one week after learning that Covenant will be publishing an actual book that I actually wrote, I'm neck-deep in assignments. The experience has been rather like wandering through the outback with a vague destination in mind and only the beginnings of a map.

So I figured, as I'm wandering out in the vast wilderness of the publishing industry, learning the ins and outs, I might as well take along some of my mates.

Walkabout, Week 1:

I spent the first 48 hours in a state of euphoria-induced shock. My initial determination to dive right into the list my editor (still love saying that) sent me was squelched by the entrance of some unidentified virus into our home. So, six days after the fact I am finally hitting that list.

In case you're curious, I've been asked to provide:
  • my manuscript (ms) resubmitted, formatted according to some very detailed specifications
  • a one-page summary of the ms
  • a chapter-by-chapter summary of the ms
  • descriptions of the major characters, locations, themes, important symbols/items, crucial events, important words/phrases - all of which will help in cover design and marketing (Did you have any idea that this was how the fantastic designers figure these things out? I always wondered. This walkabout is proving very informative.)
  • a static author bio
  • a book-specific biographical blurb
  • at least 5 title suggestions - not that any of these will necessarily be used, just a chance for me to give the marvelous folks who will be designing the cover, etc. some ideas and input - again, Who knew!?!?
  • a professional author photo - Thanks to Claire Waite Photography, I already have some very professional, very snazzy author photos!! (Do yourself a favor and take a look at her work. She is fabulous!)
  • Sources and permissions for any lyrics, quotes, artwork, photos, etc. that were used in the book. Mine didn't happen to have any, but I hadn't even thought about that. Definitely necessary, but something that hadn't occurred to me.
  • my contact info
  • availability for signings and other promotional activities (Doesn't that sound fun? If I had a book signing, surely some of you would show up, right?)
  • I was also given a heads up on what I will need to provide should my publisher decide to make my little work of literary wonder (see, I'm already working on the self-promotion) into an audio book, though the actual work on that wouldn't begin for several more months.
Phew! Are you as tired as I am? And that was a summary! Most of those items have multiple items within them. I'm gonna be busy.

I have only had to contact my editor (smiling in continued glee at the sound of those two words coming from me) three times so far asking for clarification/explanation/descriptions of these things. Thankfully, he used small words designed be understood by a 4-year-old since that is about how informed I feel about this whole process.

Maybe I'll be able to tell you by this time next week that I've completed the list. If not, it won't be for lack of trying.

I'm excited and overwhelmed and confused and nervous and hyper and exhausted all at the same time.

Overall, though, I'm chuffed. This walkabout's gonna be a beaut.
- (How's that for a little aussie slang?)

PS - Don't forget to come back for "I Need Friends" Friday. This week's friend: the incredible Aubrey Mace, award-winning author and interviewee-extraordinaire!


Melanie J said...

Yeah, it's an exhausting form.

BUT SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annette Lyon said...

I hate that form--I take days to fill it out, even though some parts I can cut and paste from past forms!

And since you're referring to your editor as "he," I'm assuming it's Kirk?! Woot! Kirk ROCKS!!!

Becky said...

Some of the best things in life have drawbacks to them. Yay for your accomplishments! Good luck.

Rachel Rossano said...

Congrats! It sounds like an exciting experience despite the work. I completely agree that "my editor" are some pretty powerful words.

Marielle Carlisle said...

I seriously thought that the people who drew the covers read the book. Seriously. I am so not informed.

Cindy R. Williams said...

Sarah, I checked in on your blog and giggled all they way through today's Friday interview, then had to read about your walk-about with Coevenant. You are SOOOO much fun. I am very happy for you!


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