Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Someone Likes Me!

Well, she liked my book, anyway.

I have this rule--and it's a pretty unbreakable rule--about reading reviews of my books. I don't. Read them, that is. I have this tendency to get all self-critical and defeatist when I read a bad review of my stuff. I get despondent when I read a chew-em-up-and-spit-em-out review. I even get all overly-analytical when I read a good review that doesn't essentially declare my book the greatest work of literary achievement in the history of modern publishing--what did I do wrong? I ask myself. It's a sickness. So I simply refuse to read reviews; far better for my mental health.

Every once in a while I break my own rule and peek at a review. But, I always seem to break that rule when the review turns out to be depression-inducing. (Lest you think I have masses of acidic critiques out there, I've only broken this rule 5 times: 2 were very good reviews; 1 was relatively neutral; 1 was pretty critical; 1 did everything but tell me I had ugly children.)

I broke that rule again a couple days ago. And I am very, very glad I did. Jump on over to M. Gray's blog to read a fantastic review of SEEKING PERSEPHONE by someone who obviously knows what she's talking about.

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M. Gray said...

Lol! You know it woman! So glad you approved of the review. And I mean it when I say I meant every word. I'm conniving with Aubrey right now to see if the two of you would like to do a joint interview in the not too distant future on my blog. I'm actually reading Spare Change right now and then thought it'd be fun to do the interview after I review Aubrey's book. :)


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