Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like... Christmas?

The temperature is still breathtakingly high. Not a hint of pine scents the air. The retailers have not yet put out a single Christmas decoration (although I am certain that will change far sooner than expected). Yet, I have found myself in a Holiday mood of late.

This last week I submitted a wonderful (if I do say so myself) short story into a Christmas Short Story competition. The prize was simply too good to pass up: publication in a book of Holiday-themed short stories. Wahoo!!

However, I need your help.

The stories were divided into 2 categories: those by published authors and those by unpublished authors. (Yes, I am considered a published author.) Two stories from each category will be selected for publication; one of which will be chosen by readers.


If you are interested in a little Holiday cheer in August, hop on over to the ldspublisher blog and enjoy!

FYI - The rules explicitly state that I am not allowed to tell you which story is mine (in the hope that the readers' choice will be based on merit and not popularity). I will tell you this, though, if you come across a story that simply blows your mind with its awesomeness, that demonstrates literary talent at its best, that makes you laugh, cry, sigh with enjoyment... vote for that one, it's probably mine. Okay, just kidding. But, vote for that one. Sounds like it deserves to win!

Have fun. Happy Holidays!


Melanie J said...

I just finished Seeking Persephone and I really dug it. I used to be a Regency junkie but kind of gave up on the genre after college because I felt like I pretty much kept re-reading the same plot. However, my critique partner Aubrey Mace said your book was great, and she was right. You had nuanced, interesting characters that were easy to invest in, and I loved reading it.

I picked my favorite published author story. We'll find out if it was yours, I guess!

Aubrey said...

Sarah! I just saw on LDS Publisher that you won the Reader's Choice category for your Christmas story! I actually loved your story-- it had me chuckling, and what an amazing message. Congratulations!!!

Sarah M Eden said...

Thanks, Melanie! I'm so glad you liked Seeking Persephone. (Especially since I recently read a review that said that my writing and characterization were "too flawed for any reader to recommend it to another." Ouch. I thought that was a little harsh!

And, yep, Aubrey, I've been doing the "I have a 100-degree fever" version of my happy dance over here all morning. Yippee!!


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