Friday, July 24, 2009

Now That Is Funny!

Before we move into the heart of this post, I feel the need to preface. This comic strip appeared recently in our local paper and, I just want to say, it was way too funny! Okay. Proceed.

Caption (in case it's too fuzzy): Rat, the book editor: Dear Contributor, Thank you for your very interesting and nicely bound manuscript, which I have recently reviewed. I believe your work will make a valuable contribution to the publishing world.
By 'valuable,' I mean that I think we can re-use the brads.
"I like to be encouraging."

Um. Yeah. The publishing world is often cruel.

I for one found that remarkably cathartic. How 'bout you?


Steve said...

ummm.... I love it!!!

Tristi Pinkston said...

I echo ... I love it!

Aubrey said...

That was hilarious. What I really enjoyed was getting a rejection letter on a half sheet of paper. I understand trying to save the earth and all, but they didn't even think I was worth an entire
8x11 sheet?

Rachel Rossano said...

LOL Thank you for sharing. I, for one, need more laughter in my life. :)

Sarah M Eden said...

A half sheet of paper, Aubrey?! That is pretty much the cruelest rejection I've ever heard about. What's next? Rejections on post-it notes?


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