Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Pretty Sure I Had the Swine Cold

Yep. Swine Cold. Swine Cold. How do I know that's what I quite recently suffered from? I'll tell you.

  • I invented the Swine Cold, so I'm very familiar with the symptoms.
  • Swine Flu is like regular flu only far more dramatic, right? Swine Cold is the exact same thing only with the common cold. Trust me, this cold was very dramatic!
  • I found myself suffering a temporary aversion to pork. Weird.
  • I am a Mom. Moms don't take sick days or slack off simply because they are almost dying from the very same ailment that the rest of their family was permitted to sleep off for days at a time. Moms push through. Moms keep going. Well, not this time. I got beat up big time by this one. I missed a writers' group meeting, didn't get work done on my WIP (work in progress) for several days in a row, the kids were in charge of every meal - which may be as much to blame for my loss of appetite as the illness, itself.
It was a long week and a half or so. I'm getting back to normal, but WAY behind on a lot of things. I hereby welcome myself back to the land of the living and order myself to get back to work.

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Ignore the "read more." I got nothing else.

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Paul D. Eden said...

Welcome back to the land of the not-sick!


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