Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Totally Rockin Book Report

I received probably the coolest package in the mail yesterday. Ms. Turley, whose 8th grade class called and talked to me a few weeks ago, sent me a newspaper clipping from their local paper about our conversation as well as a suh-weeet book report that one of her students did on my book "The Ramshackle Knight."

This particular book report assignment required the kids to create an advertisement for the book they had read. Here is the report done by J.B. (the student's initials - mysterious of me, I know):
caption: "My book is about how when you kiss someone you will have to marry them. Well someone kissed some lady and now they have to get married, but they have never met so they don't know each other. Catherine T never thought she would get married cause she has never met a nice man to get married to."


once again, ignore the link: nothing more to read


4sberg said...

Sarah--I just read you had been nominated in the romance catergory for a Whitney award for one of your books. Congratulations on the announcement---I'm crossing my fingers for you....DF

Vampire Girl said...

lol!! so funny. im in 8th and that sounds exactly like what some of the boys in my class would write!!!!!

Sarah M Eden said...

I L-O-V-E-D the book report. It was, in all actuality, a good summary of the basic plot of the book.
And since it was supposed to be an advertisement for the book, she wasn't supposed to sum up the entire thing.
Well done!!

ranearia said...

Heh! That is a great and very cute bookreport! (thought the drawing was so cute)
I wish we had cool books to write booksreports on when I was in school! T_T


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