Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Think My Emotional Eating is Getting Out of Control

The best way to demonstrate the truthfulness of this posting's title is a simple menu. Let's begin.
  • Strawberry Ice Cream served with a generous topping of "I Just Read A Negative Review of One of My Books"
  • Fish and Chips with Tartar Sauce and a side order of "Competitions Are Just a Cruel Way of Rejecting Writers En Masse"
  • Ice-cold Root Beer Float to wash down a helping of "My Monthly Sales Report Was Even More Depressing Than Last Month's"
  • A Bag of Reese's Pieces and a box of "Why Do Magazine Editors Hate My Submissions So Much; Must They All Reject Me?"
  • A Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and a bowl of "Celebrating My Decision Not to Read Any More Reviews of My Books"
  • Zesty Nachos and a tall glass of "The Critiquer Affectionately Known as 'Genghis Kahn' is Probably Murdering My Precious Child Even as We Speak, Which Would Not Be Bad At All If I Could Be Certain Genghis Kahn At Least Liked My Baby and If I Could Be Certain Genghis Kahn Did Not, In Fact, Resent Being Asked To Undertake The Task of Ripping It Into Unrecognizable Shreds Which I Am Then Required to Piece Back Together."
  • A Half Slice of Cheesecake with a towering dollop of "Hooray! Two Books I L-O-V-E-D Just Won Whitney Awards"
  • The Other Half of the Slice of Cheesecake, drizzled with a thin layer of "Next Year. Next Year."

Did I mention all of this has been consumed in the last two weeks. Thank goodness for Pilates, an elliptical machine and the fact that I recently ran out of Cheetos and have not had a chance to go to the store and get more.

Maybe I need a new outlet. Emotional Shuffleboarding? Emotional Bubble Blowing?

There's gotta be something...

Again, ignore the "Read More" - I'm not smart enough to figure out how to get rid of it. And knowing that makes me think I could use some Butter Pecan Ice Cream


Rachel Rossano said...

I am shocked that someone gave a bad review of one of your stories. :( I am thoroughly enjoying all of them. I have just finished "A Fine Gentleman," and I am just starting "The Price Paid." They are fun, entertaining, and engaging. Everything I look for in good writing.

Make sure you have something healthy with this comment, please. I wouldn't want you to expire from all the junk food. ;)

ranearia said...

Don't let those haters bring you down, your stories are just amazing!
When I get a bad comment on my artwork I turn to the wii boxing and pretend the opponent is the bad commenter :D gets rid of stress,anger and helps you stay healthy!
Although that rootbeer float sounds really yummy at the moment!

Annette Lyon said...

This explains why all my clothes have gotten tight of late.

Sarah M Eden said...

Hmmm... Wii boxing. Now there's an idea. And maybe an apple - if I'm gonna eat when I'm stressed/angry/sad/happy, etc... I might as well eat something healthy, right?

Amanda said...

Sarah--I didn't know you were nominated for a Whitney! I hope it went well. Rob Wells (and family) was in my last ward...and actually his wife is a pretty good friend of mine. I hope you enjoyed the trip to Utah!

Sarah M Eden said...

Hey Amanda. The Whitney's were great! I was up for a Whitney in the Romance category and, even though I didn't win, I had a simply fabulous time and am excited to attend again next year. Utah was a blast! We visited with Bishop and Sister Larsen and Richard and Roger and their kids and Kristy and Jim and their boys. It was very nice (even if it did snow the whole time - snow in April? No one from Arizona can ever think that is normal).

Valerie Ipson said...

Hilarious! I loved your post.


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