Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Roadblocks and Distractions

I had an epiphany. (I really ought to end the post there, as that is a pretty remarkable accomplishment in and of itself. But I won't. Aren't you grateful?)

The last couple weeks have been astoundingly unproductive for me. I've made very little progress on my current WIP (work in progress, in the biz - did that impress you? I was hoping it would. I'm all about sounding like I know what I'm doing.) So, rather than work that much harder, I spent some of my precious non-Mom-time pondering why that was.

I have compiled a list of things that are not conducive to being a prolific author.

(cue the "Read More" link that I am learning to use with an alarming amount of cunning)

  1. Lack of sleep.
  2. Lack of a maid service, caterer and chauffeur.
  3. Having the flu.
  4. Having kids who have the flu.
  5. Having kids who have heard of the flu.
  6. An incurable Facebook addiction.
  7. Being several weeks away from the announcement of the semi-finalists in a big ol' competition (see post from like a week ago).
  8. Shopping for a cute dress for an awards banquet (see post from a couple weeks ago).
  9. Having too many stories running through your head at once, not to mention the characters who won't stop their conversations long enough for you to concentrate on the one or two whom you actually need to hear. Got that Christopher?! Hush for a while, will you?!
  10. Ahem. Being a little bit mental. (see #9)

Like I said. An epiphany. I'm feelin' it.

Now, back to work.

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Marielle Carlisle said...

Facebook is like a black hole. It sucks me in, and then BAM! 30 minutes have gone by. I have to put a time limit on how long I can be on there.


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