Monday, February 16, 2009

30 books in Six Weeks

Well. Have I gotten myself into a fix. But a good fix. The kind of fix I really like.

As a finalist for a Whitney Award, I am also automatically included in the voting academy. Love it!! That means I know, for certain, that my book will receive at least one vote. Wahoo!! That also means that I have a lot of reading to do. There are 30 separate titles under consideration for Whitneys (spread out over 8 categories). I am frantically gathering copies of as many as I can get my hands on from friends, family, the library. And I am reading like a maniac.

I am not one who would feel very honest voting in a category if I haven't read all the books that are finalists. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving it. An excuse to do a whole lot of reading... it's every author's dream come true, especially because I know these books are gonna be great! So I'm not sure how much sleeping I'll be doing over the next six weeks or so.

I am still working on Harry Wendover's book and enjoying it. I have a book signing in March I'm gearing up for. Two birthdays in the family. Spring Break for the kids. A house that I'm trying to keep from falling apart. You name it. It's on the list. But I get to read. I have an excellent excuse!


russandkatie said...

don't forget about us when you're famous!!!

Christa Johnson said...

that sounds like fun, in a busy sort of way. I would also like to read all of the finalists, but I think it will probably take me longer than six weeks. Good luck to you and your eyeballs!

Jewel said...

That sounds like a dream job for me--can I help you in any way? I know, I'll read the books for you and then tell you what I thought of them, and then you can vote accordingly. Okay, maybe that won't work so well. But have fun reading all of those wonderful books!! (and it's nice that it's an LDS thing, so you know they're going to be clean books, as well as well-written books! Yay for you!) Good luck with all of the birthdays and craziness that is your life, too!

Aubrey said...

I just finished reading 'Seeking Persephone', and I LOVED IT. I had to get online to find you and see what else you've written! Your blog made me laugh, because I've been doing the same thing-- trying to read all the books so that I could vote with a clear conscience. I haven't read such an awesome, Jane Austenesque, clean romance novel in a long time. I loved the equal parts of angst and humor; I literally couldn't put it down.
You can be assured of at least TWO votes; mine is going to you. I hope we get a chance to meet at the Whitney's!
Aubrey Mace :)


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