Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Book Available!

Book Four of The Jonquil Brothers Series is now available on!! It is Jason's story. Jason, you will recall, is the barrister (a lawyer for us Americans) and Corbin's twin. His story was hinted at in "As You Are" (Corbin's book).

The book is entitled "A Fine Gentleman" and I think it's great!!

Here's the back cover description:

Jason Jonquil can't go anywhere, it seems, without hearing at least one of his many brothers praised to the skies. He is hard working and accomplished, but no one seems to notice. Especially Miss Mariposa Thornton. On the surface, she seems quite empty-headed. But Jason is certain she is hiding something. Initially, he wants nothing more than to be rid of the exasperating lady. But as her mask begins to slip, he finds himself wishing she saw him in the same way the world sees his brothers: as a gentleman worthy of admiration, respect and love.

Follow the link here: A Fine Gentleman

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Jewel said...

I'm so glad you got it done!! I'll have to order a copy to see how it all turned out--good for you! (Now, I'm sorry you're sick...let me know if I can bring you some chicken noodle soup or anything!) :)

Stampin' Sandi said...

Is this book going to be available ebook? If so, when??? I've just discovered the Jonquil family and want to read Jason's story. :)

Sarah M Eden said...

This book is currently out of print. Once it is re-released, it will be available in both eBook and paperback.

Brianna beggett said...

When will it be re-released? And also is there going to be anymore books with the jonquil family and if so when?

Sarah M Eden said...

I actually was recently able to announce the re-release date for this one as well as release dates for the 5th Jonquil book & the 3rd Lancaster book! All three will be available in 2017! More info here...


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