Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Question from a Reader

So one of my hoards of adoring, devoted fans asked me the other day why it is that I post stories about my family on my website, since it is technically a website for my authorifyingness.

Have you read those stories? My life is hilarious! The things my kids say and do and think and wonder about are far more entertaining than a detailed retelling of the four hours I spent yesterday at a desk in front of my computer reworking a really terrible scene in an upcoming novel. (It's not really horrible anymore, by the way. It is now absolutely amazing!)

And, it ought to give any interested party an insight into where I get the ideas for some of the crazier things that go into my books.

Life is interesting. Typing is not.

Perhaps, though, in the interest of satisfying my demanding and ever-growing public I'll try to include more posts that are directly related to my books.

Maybe a few hints about my next novel? Hmm....

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