Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Title Available

I am so excited! I have another book "The Price Paid" now available for purchase. I am particularly excited because it is my first book to be available on Amazon! This book is not printed through Lulu so it is not available there.

Now, a little about this book:

From the back: When a distant cousin dies leaving Nickolas Pritchard an unexpected inheritance, the previously penniless young gentleman assumes his troubles are over. Soon he discovers his windfall isn't quite what he thought. Legend has it, the estate's history is filled with war, tragedy and mystery. And, of course, there's the ghost...

"The Price Paid" is a ghost story filled with unexpected twists and turns, mystery and legend, an intriguing historical context and, because it's from me, romance.

Order in the next few days and enjoy it at Halloween. (Although it would be wonderful any time of the year.)

So excited!!!


Claire said...

Oooh!!! I'm liking the sounds of this!! I'll have to pick up a copy. I still need to get ahold of your others as well. I'm anxious to read them all.

Steve said...

...a halloween tale....DONE! Im excited for our copy...granted jewel will have ripped through it way before i can get my hands on it, but i am sure its going to be amazing! :)


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