Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A New Printer

As my eye-catching announcement above indicates, I am moving my vast collection of printed words to a new printer. This, I am discovering, is something of an undertaking. The book sizes are a little different and the covers and interiors have to be reformatted. Also, this is proving a great opportunity to fix typos in my books. I, along with an editor I trust implicitly (thanks, Mom!) are going through each of the books looking for typos, missing commas, inconsistencies.
It is a little depressing, I must admit, to see how many there are. Oops! It's been a learning experience, I will say that much. Makes me wonder how I missed so many the first time around.
AAhhhh... the joys of self-publishing!

1 comment:

Joe and Ash said...

Yea!! Everyone keep your old editions and we will be rich when Sarah is famous!


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