Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Conversations with a Kindergartener

My daughter started kindergarten this year. For the first time in her itty-bitty life she has to go for hours on end without being free to talk as often and as much as she wants. This, of course, means that by the time I pick her up after school she is desperate. She starts talking the minute she gets in the car and - I swear! - doesn't stop until bedtime.

The other day on the way home she told me she had moved desks that day. I asked her if everyone switched desks.

"No," she answered. I had one of those maternal premonitions - she had been moved for a reason, and probably not a reason that would make my little mother heart sing.

"Why were you moved?" I asked, hoping I wouldn't regret asking.

"I sat by Hannah," she began and suddenly the end of the story was becoming clear - Hannah is a little girl whose name I hear a lot. "And, she's a great girl and I just like talking to her. But Mom-" the tone had now changed to the 'you're not very bright so I will explain this slowly using small words' tone - "we're not supposed to talk during class."

"Who do you sit by now?" I asked her.

"I don't remember her name," my daughter replied. And then, in a tone of voice that indicated complete and utter shock, "But she doesn't talk to anybody!"

"Genius," I muttered under my breath.


Jonathan & Rachel said...

That is so funny!! She could make friends with anyone...I'm sure even the ones who don't talk to "anyone"! How cute!

Joe and Ash said...

I just love that it is nearly the same as a story Liz has from grade school.


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