Monday, July 21, 2008

Teeth Trauma

Wow. We had an exciting Sunday night. My 7 year old decided he was going to see if he could do a flip off of our living room sofa. He very nearly made it. Might have even tried again if he hadn't hit his face.
And it didn't end there. When he hit his face, he knocked out his two front teeth and nearly knocked out the tooth directly to the left (when you're looking at his teeth). His gums are still swollen. It was bad.
Thankfully, they were baby teeth, though one of them wasn't loose before this. (And I didn't realize they were baby teeth for a few minutes. The blood, I think, freaked me out enough that I wasn't really thinking very clearly.) He also nearly knocked out another one but it is still hanging on (literally) by a thread. I can honestly say it has been a LONG time since I have seen that much blood.
He got up this morning and found out the tooth fairy had been very generous. I told him it was probably compensation for pain and suffering.
So, I believe he will walk away from this week with 3 less teeth than he started. I must say knocking them out is sure faster than wiggling them loose.


Marie Wright said...
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Jonathan & Rachel said...

OH MY!!! That is terrible! Poor little guy! Glad the tooth fairy took pain and suffering into consideration! Maybe Santa Claus will be just as generous and bring him his 2 front teeth for Christmas!

Beam Family said...

Oh dear! Thankfully they were just baby teeth!

russandkatie said...

maybe you should sign him up for gymnastics and I will teach him how to do it without losing teeth in the process :)

I think I would have freaked out too!!! It looks like he survived like a trooper!


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