Monday, June 2, 2008

When your hair starts melting...

So I was sitting at swimming lessons this morning in what little shade could be found, fanning myself with a beach towel and I thought to myself, "Only in Arizona in summer would this be completely normal." Which got me thinking, there are certain things we see or do or smell in Arizona that announce the start of summer. Here are a few I thought of...

The clearance racks at any given retailer are filled with long pants, long sleeve shirts and the scarfs and mittens that never got sold.

You drink from a bottle of water left in the car and the water literally burns your mouth. Tasty. (Done that. Recently.)

You drive with your elbows because the steering wheel is too hot to touch.

Women in bikini tops and Daisy Dukes at the grocery store.

Children everywhere.

Any excuse to visit a mall, movie theatre, library (any place with air conditioning you don't have to pay for) is seen as valid and binding.

The sound of the soles of your feet burning to a blackened crisp when you walk barefoot to the mailbox.

The list could go on.

Ahh.... Summer!

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