Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I drive a small car. Not a Mini or a super compact car, but a small car. I was at the gas station the other day filling up. I'd put it off as long as possible, hoping to make it until payday. As I was standing there watching the gas pump tick off the dollars, I felt my jaw dropping. DROPPING! Like I said, I drive a small car. Small gas tank. It doesn't even hold very much gas.

The grand total? Just over $50. Yikes.

Just as the tears of economic disappointment began to fall, I overheard the driver just across the way speaking to yet another gas victim. This driver owns a motor home and spends the summer driving around visiting his kids and grandkids and he had just filled up a couple days earlier. It took more than one fill-up because the pump wouldn't go above $75. His motor home has a 100 gallon gas tank.

The grand total for that guy? $380.

I felt a little better after that.


Diana said...

Hey Sarah!
It was funny to see your comment on my blog. I stumbled onto your blog yesterday through Katie's. I was reading your posts and all about your books and then got interupted by my girls before I could leave a comment. I didn't realize you had written so many books! I have never been good about reading. I want to do better! I know there is so much I am missing out on. Like your books!
Anyway, thanks for your comment on school. Mrs. Linda said Ansley is ready and already knows a lot of what they will learn in KG.
Lately, I am feeling like I don't want my baby to be pushed out into the big scary world.
When you had Jon tested, what kind of questions did they ask?
I think Ansley is ready...I am just not sure if I am!

Diana said...

Oh yeah! I put off getting gas also! It makes me sick to put $20 in and not even get 1/4 tank. GRRRR!!!


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